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Most-admirable Free and Open-Source Screen Recording Software

Screen recorder videos help create how-to-do, DIY videos, Product demos, learning resources and chapter wise tutorials. ITfirms gives us a choice, know the best ones here!

With industrialists, software professionals, teaching staff – all working from home, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations everywhere are jumbling for business software that supports video-conferencing, remote team collaboration, virtual classrooms, socio-cultural-virtual activities. It is sometimes challenging to find the right tools and technologies to make remote technologies work. Government and healthcare agencies are combating this on the frontline of COVID-19, trying to get hold of the scenario, not to lose out on important updates, keep the information flow intact, share potentially relevant information effectively to a wider audience. Schools and universities have already been into this mode for the past 4-5 months. Business software and service companies have been rolling out certain tools to fill in this demand-supply gap as a consequence of the pandemic.

Lately, screen-recording tools have helped teaching and coaching staff immensely in absence of in-person classes. Inversely, such videos compliment the monotonous text content, and the specific steps to solve a particular issue or share knowledge, plus writing a very long description is tougher than making a presentable video. Best screen recording software eases this task of preparing and sharing videos.

How should an Ideal Screen Recording Software be like?

How does the screen recording software work?

Screen Recording Software work on the simple principle of screen rendering – the screen recording application reads that content and transfers that to its memory. This captures a single image. In case multiple images have to be captured, this process is repeated in cycles. These multiple images can then be compiled and converted into a video required for how-to-dos, product demos, tutorials, learning resources and likewise.


Key Features of ShareX

OBS Studio

Key Features of OBS Studio


Key Features of CamStudio


Key Features of VirtualDub

Key Features of


Key Features of SimpleScreenRecorder


Key Features of RecordCast

UltraVNC Screen Recorder

Key Features of UltraVNC Screen Recorder


Key Features of Freeseer


Open Source screen recording software can turn anyone into a professional. It empowers them to create videos and share informational content, free of cost. Though not comprehensive, the list of open-source screen recorder software discussed by ITFirms above are the ones that are widely used for screen recording, video creation and sharing purposes. The choice can be based on the requirement, the bandwidth, the platform, the problem it solves, the technical expertise and the popularity in the market.

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