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Best Gantt Chart Software (Free/Open-Source)

Let’s weigh the best Gantt Chart Software; we’re picking the ones that are free and open-source!

Project management is a complex mix of activities – straight out of initiation, idea generation, planning, designing, coding, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Gantt charts are helpful in the project development process. It outlines all the tasks involved in a project and depicts them on a timescale. It gives us an instant overview of the project, its associated tasks, and the exact timeline.

Why are Gantt Charts important?

Gantt charts allow us to plan and schedule projects. They help assess the overall time that the project will require. It also estimates the time that every single module requires within the project.
Gantt charts help project managers in making important decisions. These do not limit the scope or timeline of any project. If it goes for weeks – months – years, it is possible to graph it on Gantt Charts. It goes like this – You may start a task only if the previous ones in the queue completes.
If the task completes in a few iterations, then a simple excel sheet or paper calculator can suffice. But in case there is a complex project with numerous ‘tasks’ – you’ll require Interactive Gantt Charts.

What is the purpose of Gantt Charts?

Gantt charts represent the project steps pictographically. It manages the project efficiency and can be simple or complex depending upon the nature of the project. Gantt charts make the project look easier with clearly defined boundaries and start and stop destinations. It does not overwhelm the user with loads of information. Gantt Charts enable the project teams to – Collaborate, Manage Tasks, Manage Resources, Plan, and Track projects.

How does it look?

Gantt Charts typically represent bar charts for scheduling the project and showing the dependencies between different tasks according to date/time.

What are the best benefits of Gantt Charts?

It improves – (1) team productivity, (2) resource planning, (3) helps manage complex information, (4) clarifies project requirements, (5) combines information from all tasks and shares it with all stakeholders, (6) tracking the project’s progress, (7) communicate within a team, (8) check dependencies amongst tasks, (9) avoid work-overload for employees, (10) Improved Time Management, (11) Manages remote teams, (12) provide accountability and transparency in the software development lifecycle.

Features of Gantt Chart Tool

List of the best Open-Source Gantt Chart Software


It is a free desktop project scheduling app. It is easy to use, mature and reliable and free for any purpose.

Main Features of GanttProject


dotProject is an open-source project management software to create Gantt Charts. It is easy to use and has an interactive interface.

Main Features of dotProject


This Gantt Chart Software allows managing project timelines, scheduling tasks, visualizing required steps to complete the project. It displays the phases and milestones in the project and the relationships between them. It integrates with task management to update the start and end date and uses simple drag and drop of the element on the timeline. The timeline contains data that syncs with the Gantt chart.

Main Features of OpenProject


It gets to your first project within 10 seconds. It is a ‘free’ project management tool without limitations. It is suitable if you’re working with a small or mid-size team and have trouble managing tasks. It helps you organize and plan unlimited projects, tasks and teams.

Main Features of Agantty


ProjectLibre accommodates all sorts of Gantt Charts, even if it goes beyond your webpage. It attempts to minimize unnecessary scrolling. It is easy to create tasks with or without start and end dates. It is easy to insert Gantt charts made with ProjectLibre and insert them into project documentation.

Main Features of ProjectLibre


OrangeScrum is an open-source Gantt Chart Software with well-defined task timelines that prevents unwanted delays and keeps the team in sync. It is easy to manage task dependencies with drag-n-drop linkages; arrange tasks in a single view. IT Teams, Marketing teams, Remote teams, Creative Teams benefit the most from OrangeScrum.

Main Features of OrangeScrum


Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Nike, Intuit, Lush -use TeamGantt to manage their projects. It allows you to plan, manage and schedule your projects with free Gantt Chart creator. It also enables you to invite clients and teams to collaborate on your Gantt chart and project plan.

Main Features of TeamGantt

Tom’s Planner

It is a free Gantt Chart software to create and share professional Gantt charts in minutes. It allows drag-n-drop and is very easy to learn.

Main Features of Tom’s Planner


It helps teams master the art of project management with its beautiful Gantt Charts. Thousands of organizations trust it. Sign up in seconds – no credit cards are required. It allows you to transform your project planning and access all of Redbooth’s features free for 14 days.

Main Features of Redbooth

In Conclusion

We hope that this illustration brings some clarity and helps you compare features of Gantt Chart Software. Gantt Charts help schedule your tasks in the project and track the project’s progress. Gantt charts are an effective way to represent your tasks and their associated times visually. These are widely used across industries to define project elements and their inter-dependencies and timelines for holistic project management.

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