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Big Data Will Drive Mobile Market Past Billion Dollars

Few terms in technology have contributed remarkably in the world income and in providing value-added services to the masses. Big Data’ and Mobile app development’ are two top technology breakthroughs that are becoming central to how businesses operate, how enterprises progress and how customers are being served.

The adoption and innovation we’ve seen in the mobile industry is exceptional and immeasurable. Along with the users and regular customers, business groups and small-medium enterprises are delighted to deal with the massive data through mobile technology.

Since this world is a huge morass of data, the best way to manage, store, sort and utilize it for business purposes and for generating value to users is through mobile apps. So, big data analytics is the gearing force for many of the mobile app businesses worldwide. And all the businesses today rely on this massive data for monetizing an app.

As the veritable audience has shifted almost entirely to smartphones and tablets, the app market is predicted to go over a $100 billion by 2020, reaching up to $189 billion. From hiring an Uber to ordering a pizza to cleaning your home, a mobile app gives you the perfect solution.

Big Data fuels user experience

With an array of mobile app development agencies available in our lists, we totally come to an agreement that nothing but a delightful user experience is what clients and customers need at the end of project delivery.

Today, there is nothing like a standard product that serves that appeals to each and everyinduvial at the same pace. It’s the century of customization and personalization, wherein every single user, even if it’s the same product in the same industry, needs a personal touch.

There is one technology that handles this personalization excellently- Big Data analytics

If you not able to work through and arrange the largely generated data due to custom products, you could never survive in the race.

Big data provides a detailed picture of every user, from what they browsing to what their wardrobe demands to at what point they can leave the shopping cart without buying anything and much more. In fact, the customer themselves are not self-aware to the extent these mobile apps are. As a result, an app owner is able to decide on the kind of user experience they should offer to each individual with a personal touch.

For instance, for developing a fitness tracking app, mobile app developers/ mobile app development agencies need to identify individual’s attention from the app, which they can do either by surveys or by checking out for competitor’s app, rating and review. This makes the new app owner understand that what all should they include- a calorie counter, speedometers, heart rate, blood count, diet or exercise recommendations. Does their target audience expect these features from the app?

This further helps developers innovate new features that can be added to the app, to stand out from competitors.

For example, your audience will love the virtual assistant or chatbot in the Fitbit. Or they may fall for the integration with social media apps, where they can stay connected with their family and friends and race against on the basis of total steps walked in a day, running speed when on the treadmill.

Moving further, getting a personal trainer where through a 3-d image on the mobile screen, the customer can be able to select the body part they need to get in shape. And this level of personalization can only be known and achieved if the right data is fetched at the right time through the right device.

Big data, with its analytical potential, ensure powerful insights into the user behavior that mobile app developers and marketers can utilize to focus on creating a connecting and impressive experience for the users. The real-time data analytics, gained out of mobile apps, track down every activity of user and continue to provide meaningful information that can be converted into a profitable output.

Big data analytics when combined with location-specific data, provide marketers ways to garner more conversion. This also helps them to roll out the right promotional offers in the city as they understand the economic condition and spending power of the residents.

With customer’s desires and wants in front, a brand can plan and implement the finest marketing campaign, improving on monetization and profits.

It’s not just the buying habits and screen navigation that draws the data from the mobile app, but the likes, comments and reviews that user provides. This helps app owners to understand the typical choices of users on various matters. Digging deep into user’s profile, a mobile app is the measure of entire customer journey from app discovery to download to engagement to exit, which is the result of real-time data analytics, giving control over every individual’s conduct.

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