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Scan through the features that transform a simple video recording and editing app into an indelible legacy!

When was the last time you really required a camcorder for your vacation? Smartphones have been acting as a canopic solution for making calls, clicking pictures, shooting videos, sending messages, setting alarms, scheduling meetings, sending emails, making presentations and myriad other features.

How capable are mobile phones vs. camcorders?

Smartphones are made up of (Note*) the most basic features that make it much more useful than camcorders (that are defined for just one purpose). (Note*) Messaging, and Dictionary, Web browser, Voice-based features, Multi-touch, Multitasking, TV recording, Video calling, Multiple language support, Accessibility, Connectivity, Bluetooth, Tethering, Streaming media support, Media support and External storage, etc.

Major tech companies have introduced or are in the process of launching smartphones with special functions powered by AI. Mobile smartphones like Apple’s iPhone X feature artificial intelligence which allows it to focus on imaging and animation. The smartphone includes a dedicated “neural engine” chip, which processes certain functions on the iPhone X without taking power from other, more standard processes on the device.

Many advanced features like FaceID facial recognition system based on neural engine, “True Depth” front-facing camera is able to create a 3D map of a person’s face and use that to identify the person, which is used to log into the device and authenticate apps and services like Apple Pay. Apple as well created “Animoji’s” or animated avatars, which mimic a person’s motions and voice as a firm demonstration of what AI can do.

And as there is no shortage of options while we think of filming the best moments, camcorders are still preferred due to their quality, simplicity, resolution, customizability, playback, filming position, storage, wi-fi and sharing on social media. But when it comes to portability and convenience, mobile smartphones are an undeterred choice. But in case you wish to cast your mobile screen on television, or post it online or play a video on TV, the vertical alignment is not accurate. High Definition camcorders record horizontally by default. In this case, editing a video before playing it on projectors or television for vertical filming is required.  But not every camcorder have Wi-Fi and sharing a pic as soon as you capture is not always easy.

There are no universal differences in case of storage options in smartphones and camcorders. Memory cards vary in compatibility and storage capabilities. Therefore, if all the differences and similarities are considered, smartphone cameras still come on top. 

Tips To Improve Your Video Recording

Prevalent Video Editing Apps in 2019

Trending ones:

Apple’s iMovie app for iPhone and iPad includes titles, transitions that supports making theatrical trailers on the go. Other features include picture-in-picture, split screen, and slow-motion effects. Apps like LumaFusion, Videon, Magisto, Adobe’s Premiere Rush does the trick.

Prevalent Video Recording Apps in 2019

Trending ones:

Points To Consider Before Creating Video Recording and Editing Apps

Out of the many important points, few essential ones that are must-haves in any video editing and recording app are:

Include These Features in Your Own Video Recording and Editing App

There is no fixed number of features that should be included in a video recording app. Top mobile app development companies keep on altering these according to customer requirements. To start with filters, frames, fragments, stickers, social media log in, sound effects, recording and video calling are fundamental but more complex ones can further be added based upon the comprehensiveness, budget, and hardware at disposal.

Tools and Techniques within a Video Editing Software for iOS and Android

Method to develop a video app must be chosen based upon the purpose, features to be included, client’s requirements, budget and time constraints. Major ones include:

How to Attract and Retain Customers via Video Editing App

Creating an app, adding features and required functionality into it, designing it to be interactive, testing to clear all the bugs and deploying it at customers end – is the normal app development process followed by Android and iOS app development companies. But adding value to it according to target audience, making it looks attractive, purposeful and relevant with right mix of tools and technologies, making it unique with filters, stickers and frames and all sorts of editing features and easy to use interface to motivate users to use it, are some of the best practices followed by Best Android Developers, which are important in gaining traction.

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