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Can AI Help in Improving Logistics?

We’re illustrating the machine learning use cases in logistics and supply chain management!

Artificial Intelligence in Logistics is often used to predict the demand and calculate potential sales. AI can modify orders, re-route in-transit goods to warehouses to desired destinations. AI in logistics delivers’ powerful optimization capabilities, capacity planning, improves productivity and quality, lowers costs and fosters safer working conditions. The planning and agility in logistics make way for better service and reduce the logistics costs. Warehouse automation Systems are a relevant example here that provides an opportunity to conquer a lot of time.

Artificial Intelligence = Augmentation + Automation

AI in logistics and supply chain has the potential to stir the top-line and bottom-line value. One of the Gartner Analysts, at Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference; bifurcated artificial intelligence into two majors: Augmentation + Automation;

How is AI applicable in supply chain management activities?

A forecasting engine enabled with machine learning can help eradicate supply flaws like overstocking or understocking for any consumer-based company or retailer.

Inventory Management in Supply Chain

Supply chain management relies on proper warehouse and inventory-based management. It is also a driving force behind autonomous vehicles, accounting for faster and accurate shipping, reducing the lead time and transportation expenses, Plus, adding environmentally friendly operations.

NLP in Supply Chain

Natural language processing deciphers big data. It builds big data sets, audits untapped information and compliance actions between buyer-supplier bodies.

AI in Value Chain

Supply retail management actions like supplier assessments, audits and credit scoring. SCM is often considered a part of the value chain that is heavily impacted by implementing artificial intelligence. It reduces human effort and automates work, which implies fewer people have to be present for manual supervision.

Machine Learning In Supply Chain

Under or overstocking can be challenging that can bring the entire supply chain management strategy to rocks. Bringing in some machine learning and artificial intelligence can turn out to be a saviour of warehouse management, helping out in the faster analysis of big data.

AI To Track and Analyze Warehouse

AI is often used in computer vision systems to automate the barcode reading process and fasten it. It monitors the warehouse, tracks employee attendance and identifies breaks.

AI in Logistics for Demand Prediction

AI-enabled machines quickly estimate the raw material requirement. These predict the future demand; this helps reduce wastage and make informed business decisions. It helps in removing data volume complexity and optimize inventory control. Reinforcement learning involves letting AI predict the demand vs. supply gap but considering how this new technique will integrate with the existing inventory management system.

AI in Tracking Driverless Cars

Driverless cars are being built bases on logistics route optimization using machine learning for various locations such as residential communities, industrial parks, airports etc. AI also makes it easy to get personalized tracking data and customize delivery.

Conclusive: Deriving the benefits of AI in Supply Chain Management

Implementing artificial intelligence in warehouse and supply chain management helps automate the warehousing, automate vehicles, streamline smart roads, predict demand, reduce overall cost, implement intelligent back-office operations and improve customer experience.

Top artificial intelligence companies work to develop AI-enabled software to optimize logistic operations and reduce time to perform a task. These further provide users with predictive optimization, advanced forecasting. Smart road systems work upon AI-based algorithms that offer an opportunity to track the road conditions and predict situations on the highways.

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