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Interview with Himanshu Patel – CEO, Nectarbits

Here is the exclusive interview of Himanshu PatelCEO, Nectarbits only on ITFirms. In this exclusive interview, He shared his thoughts on the upcoming technological trends for 2020 and many more things that will be useful for the people involved with this industry.

Let’s check his success story and thoughts.

1. Tell us in brief about your company and the leadership.

NectarBits is a mobile and web development company based in Ahmedabad, India. Since 2009, we are engineering custom mobile applications, web apps, Ecommerce solutions, and on-demand solutions for start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises.

A team of +20 coding superheroes is committed to building stunning applications that bring winning outcomes for the key stakeholders and their prospects. We amalgamate proven methodologies, domain knowledge, industry experience, and advanced technologies to build the innovative solutions that make the businesses future-ready and stay in rhythm with modern users, business operations, and evolving market trends.

2. How would you describe your growth trajectory in 2018-2019? Any particular achievement? Any disappointment?

We are working in the app development industry for more than 11 years, and the continuous growth in terms of the number of projects, team size, and revenue with no downfall is what we boast about. With scaling project complexity and project budget, we are ceaselessly improving our business processes to maintain top-notch quality and ensure flawless delivery. The hard work never goes unnoticed as we have recognized as a leader in Ecommerce mobile app development categories for two years in a row by Clutch.

3. Please describe the operational structure of your company- from the moment a client walks in, to the product deployment.

We listen, develop, design, and deploy the applications with the user-centered approach wearing users’ lens that guarantees success. It follows a couple of steps:

4. What engagement models do you offer? How should a client choose?

We offer three types of model that fits best with the clients having varied project size and project type requirements:

5. What do you as a leader prioritizes – vertical expansion of your business or the horizontal expansion of your expertise and services? How do you balance both?

In the dynamic world, the technologies, challenges, and solutions are changing at speed. It’s necessary to embrace emerging technologies and tools to meet the market demand and stay ahead of the game. It’s only possible when we keep our team up-to-date with technology expertise or hire the developers having in-depth knowledge and experience.

In this way, we are striking a fine balance between both types of expansions by going agile. We warmly cuddle the technologies and keep our developers well-versed in different skillsets for better managing the supply-demand equation, which further helps in expanding our business in distinct domains.

6. What is your outlook for 2020?

The on-demand apps and online commerce are all the rage. With the growing demand for these applications after the corona crisis, we are looking for more opportunities soon. Our outlook is to quickly build and deliver the quality applications that delight our customers and their customers. We are planning to grow our team size by double to match up the growing requirements for this type of app.

7. Any particular technology or industry you would be targeting? How do you plan to prepare your workforce for the upcoming technology upgrade?

The on-demand landscape and Ecommerce space are a promising industry for us. We have already served different clients across the globe with distinct types and sizes of on-demand and Ecommerce applications. However, our center of interest towards mobile and web app development will remain the same, and we likely leverage advanced technologies to supercharge the apps with tech power.

With a surge in demand for on-demand app development and Ecommerce marketplace development, we are in the plan to increase our team size to engineer the industry-best solutions.

8. With technologies like React and Node that can be used for both web applications and mobile apps, how do you envision the development methodology to be in the future?

Both- React, and Node technologies are popular these days when it comes to web and mobile app development. We are envisioning these technologies as a solution to the changing needs of the market and the businesses to build modern apps. Due to native-like app development capability, React technology will remain at the top for the cross-platform development. Our team has rich expertise in React and Node technology, so if required, we will upgrade our team or hire more developers.

9. Other than technical expertise, what traits you believe are essential for any app development firm to succeed in this rapidly evolving industry?

It’s not easy to survive and thrive in the IT market amidst stiff competition. Finding the new clients and make them favor you for the next time when they have a new project requirement is extremely taxing. The opportunity lies in the fierce competition is how we make our company, development process, and practices stand out in the market. We make it possible by adding value to the clients’ projects so that they feel that every dollar they spent is worth it. The innovative approach and user-centeredness in everything we do, from planning to development and execution, help our clients succeed. It keeps us on the top of the clients’ minds in the radically changing industry.

10. How do you assess the role of research agencies like ITFirms in bridging the gap between clients and service providers?

Data is the goldmine. The world is sitting on the top of the zettabytes of data, but it’s futile unless the insights are driven out of it. Firms like- ITFirms work excellently in unveiling the insights (Rating and reviews of the app development companies), which helps businesses to find the best service providers in the market and make data-driven decisions. We feel honored to be presented on ITFirms as it confirms the credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness of our company.


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