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Step-Wise Guide to Propel your Business’ Mobile Marketing Strategy

Here is a development insider depicting the need of pre-launch promotion of mobile app as an all-access pass to get your business off the ground!

Post engagement event matters far more than installs. The ever-evolving market requires a parallel change in marketing strategy. It’s not just the channels and partners that change your app marketing strategy, but also how technology changes, that makes impractical tasks essential, easy and practicable in the current scenario. App reporting has improved to the extent that it has now become more realistic for marketers to evaluate their channels on a more granular level.

There might be a need to work along with mobile measurement partners (MMPs) because they provide essential analytics and attribution for apps. Some of the most well-known MMP’s are AppsFlyer, Kochava, Adjust and Branch.

App development companies offer the ability to receive attribution both for initial installs and a multitude of engagement events that includes registration, in-app purchases and users re-opening the app days later.

The data recorded by such MMP’s can then be sent to your media-buying and partner-management platforms, thus allowing you to evaluate the initial and ongoing performance of each partner and source. Optimization for mobile is a multi-step process and businesses need to evaluate their content, loading speed and even mobile ergonomics among other factors.

How to market an app before launch?

Here are the steps to improve your business’ mobile marketing strategy:

How to promote an app?

Here are 10 straight steps to create a pre-launch marketing strategy for your app:

Some quick tips to market the app on social media:

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