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Sales Force Automation – Cultivating Efficiency and Augmenting Customer Experience

To understand how Sales Force Automation helps in improving efficiency and enhancing customer experience it is important to first learn what actually it means when you say Sales Force Automation.

Well, more than a technical jargon it is an organization-driven term that stresses on improving the sales capacity and intensity of a workforce by allowing them technical aids or by putting them in technologically controlled conditions to perform their tasks or by allowing automated machines to assist them and increase their efficiency to work and deliver.

Here, however, we are talking more of the software tools (that increase working efficiency and empower processes) when we say technical aids and supporting infrastructure.

With SFA solutions increasingly moving from the on-premise facility to cloud-based Software as a Service and mobile platforms, the range and scope of its utility has also increased in delivering best-fitting solutions to different sizes and niches of businesses. And this market is expected to reach a $4.13 billion figure by 2018 with small and mid-sized businesses expansively becoming a part of the automation ecosphere.

With this advancement, SFA solutions are now able to cater to different value propositions of a sales facility – being able to be applied to different work processes and phases of sales to validate, accelerate and optimize the quality, time and savings in a work-establishment.

Here are the different ways in which SFA does it to help out organizations to get the most of their planning and efforts to improve efficiency and enhance customer experience:

Contact and Task Management

SFAs predominantly overlap with CRM solutions and allow businesses to extensively manage contacts. With SFAs you can sort and arrange your list of prospects and buyers. It can also help you segregate the leads into different categories (like qualified, soft and dropped or maybe hot and cold leads) based on pre-defined parameters. All your important tasks and meetings can be managed and reminded by smart schedulers and trackers.

Customer and Account Management

With SFA solutions you can efficiently and seamlessly manage your customers and accounts accessing the customer management module that is designed to address all customer related tasks, queries and issues. These could be related to entering customer data, generating order receipts, issuing support tickets, tracking and maintaining customer accounts, managing complaint numbers, enhancing customer experience, and sourcing and planning loyalty programs.

Document Management

SFA contributes to document management by allowing sales personnel to consistently draft, store, dispense, share and maintain documents and dynamically manage documents across the sales team and other departments. With well-deployed formats and patterns for different communication purposes, you are able to easily plan, draft and manage documents for sales and get relieved from conventional time-consuming practices of documentation. 

Performance Evaluation

From salesforce KRIs, growth index to target records and sales graphs – all are managed and maintained through a Sales Force Automation system involving automated performance evaluation parameters. This takes into consideration different value entities calls, emails, meetings, proposals, follow-ups, repeat clients, quality of leads and time-based sales results to measure and assess the sales team performance.

Sales Figures

SFA solutions allow you to update sales figures referring to different information updates from different sources. Further, the solution can be customized to work with different industry and business requirements – helping sales department and management to set monthly/quarterly/yearly targets and goals, define sales roles, create sales funnels, assign sales tasks matching and validating resource requirements, assess sales data and measure results.

Sales Force Automation solutions allow businesses to define and deploy automated sales tasks that contribute to a range of activities and handle operations that sales departments need to put up with. This plays an instrumental role in helping departments and organization at large to comply with and controls the dynamic and volatile nature of sales. Further, it extensively helps in optimizing the sales resources to operate and act towards different short-term and long-term goals. And this goes far in allowing organizations to improve efficiency and enhance customer experience. To get it right and nice you should look for top software development companies and achieve your mark of distinction.

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