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The Major Implementation Challenges in Blockchain

Before you plan to work on your Blockchain technology based mobile app, you must be interested in knowing the challenges you might face implementing Blockchain. So, here it is!

The open, accessible and fair-to-its-purpose Blockchain has come out to be the world’s leading software platform for digital assets. It has brought in a great level of commitment and compliance in terms of security and validity to different financial processes and digital communication systems for different business types and functional segments.

This has allowed many businesses to relentlessly grow in their scope of penetration and range of offerings, by effectively and resourcefully using the benefits of Blockchain. And as they mention upfront on their official website, “the world is now open for business”, seems to be quite on its mark with the way it is being prolifically implemented and utilized by businesses worldwide.

Well, that’s about what primarily the technology is about and here you only see the goody-buddy side of it. Blockchain is certainly a great technology for security and integrity of digital assets, but as they say, there’s a grey side to every new technology and Blockchain is not an exception.

Therefore, you will find certain challenges in implementing Blockchain into your process. Let’s find out what are these.

Here, to get a better understanding of what kind of challenges you face actually while implementing Blockchain, lets take a case of some organization, say a telecom establishment. Now, as a busy organization that needs its departments to work in a close-knit manner and needs to seamlessly connect with customers all day on-line, it needs a strong CRM software and a provisioning system to cope up well with the digital surroundings. Now, this system combines the entire process of research, data analysis, sourcing, procurement, processing, facilitation, execution, and support across different departments and functional blocks backed by the digitized data-driven assets, looking to optimally perform and commit to the end purpose of the organization.

Here, to avail the comprehensive benefits of Blockchain, the venture needs experts to build a process map and implementation plan to integrate and align Blockchain with different digital assets of the business. As now the business is operating on traditional approaches accustomed to conventional security and support mechanism, it becomes is one of the major challenges to push previous data into the Blockchain architecture.

Talking from the security front, the most security-dependent task in a telecom setting is of billing and payment and this requires to be implemented, placed and interconnected well with the service data. And this should be based on a well-planned and finely collaborated format. In such a situation, Information Technology resources supporting the Telecom communication infrastructure has to combat different difficulties in the process for generating polyglot coding to pipe old data and get it consumed with the help of new and updated technologies. Owing to this, the most difficult part of implementing Blockchain is it needs a thorough re-architecture and remodeling across different execution ideas, traits, roles and responsibilities of the process. That’s about planning on how to go about it referring to your industry-unique needs.

So, the experts helping you out with Blockchain application development have to look into your case referring to its own business value proposition, process preferences and industry particulars. Now this requires them to diagnose every detail of your business correctly and take a dive into your process while implementing Blockchain architecture into your business.

Another integral task is to map data systematically and authentically. This needs to be done by following standards of the Blockchain development, to enjoy the ranging community support and avoid any hard time facing unnecessary leaks and lags in performance.

Further, another implementation challenge comes when you have to address the security needs of the data travelling and exchanged across different components and resources of your business. There are different resources and tools collaboratively operating under close coordination of different functional departments, execution channels, and processing units through which data travels to produce information and reveal value. Segmenting and factoring different processes and practices into clearly appointed sub-systems and making them work together in conjunction with the overall objective and underlying purpose of the business, requires the IT ecosystem to be designed into a well-defined and lean system that is knitted well to work along perfectly with the advanced Blockchain facility. That’s the way you get to develop highly assuring and valuable digital products like Bitcoin Wallet that take the whole technology market by storm.

There are different security hazards that keep coming to you in the volatile digital landscape. This needs to be well detected in time and addressed with effective sanitation and protection measures. Only by doing this on a regular basis your resources would be optimally able to serve the underlying purpose fully, acquiring the best of Blockchain pros and benefits.

Referring to all that, Blockchain development clearly requires to be done by keeping the digital data’s application, integrity, wholeness, cogency, scalability and reusability at the core of every aspect of owing the solution. This can be best done by structurally and calculatedly approaching the development of the app and aiming at replacing the traditional database with the new improved digital data backbone based on the authentic data security and quality references offered by Blockchain. Doing which you will be able to achieve the best of results from your attempt.


There are a host of challenges that you face in the process of implementing a fully-functional system of Blockchain based digital support system within your facility. But, if you go by the process suggested here, and get an expert to help you with Blockchain app developed referring to your needs, you should be securing your chances to get the best of value from the digital assets of your business.

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