Top Video Production Companies & Media Agencies 2023September 3, 2023 |  Top Video Production Firms

What are the Top Video Production Companies?

Here is a list of Top Video Production Agencies that have been selected based upon their reviews & ratting, customers, market presence, client focus, video type, industry focus, animation focus and services & experience.

Signature1. Signature Video Group:

They are a top company based in Canada, offering a full-service video production experience and have been telling stories that make customers excited to buy from you and the proud employees to work for you and strangers curious to know more via videos for over a decade. They are into commercial products that make people relish your brand and into product video production. They feature interesting videos to suit the narratives from software to office chairs, making people learn about the various ways that make the product magical and make custom product videos that are a sales and marketing machine for your business. They brand the content that makes people crave for your product. They prepare videos from sales and marketing to recruitment and training, we craft beautiful, story-driven corporate videos, brand films, testimonials and case studies that deliver your message and drive real business results. This is next-level corporate video production.

Services Provided by Signature Video Group:

Video Production, Animation & Explainer Videos, Corporate Videos, Commercial Videos, Client Testimonials Videos, Product Demo Videos, Education & Training Videos, Events & Conferences Videos

Key Clients: Samsung, Molson-Coors, Autodesk, Microsoft, Ontario Tourism, Boston Pizza, Intel, Dell, Kraft-Heinz, Fallsview Casino, Kipling Group, Scotiabank, Saputo Cheese, Government of Ontario, Cushman Wakefield, Best Buy and CBS, Conair

Canada0-10Founded: 2009NA +1-647-244-1513

Kyro2. Kyro Digital:

Kyro Digital is one of the best video production companies located in Santa Ana, Calif who are dedicated to providing their clients with the best video production services.  They work on the script, create a storyboard, produce a brand video and synchronize location managers in every project they do. They are particularly into offering executive producing, crew hiring, production coordinating and line producing.

Services Provided by Kyro Digital:

Video Production, Commercial Video, Branded Video,  Corporate Video, Explainer Video, Animated Video, Script writing, Story Boarding, Filming, Casting, Directing

Key Clients: Blazing Bull, Liferay Ecommerce, CHC Hydronics, US Storage Centers, Fairway Mortgage, NETGEAR, Hi Marley


United States11-50Founded: 2015$50 – $99/hr. +1-949-648-0571

Bx3. Bx Films:

Bx Films is a video production company that is involved in creating interactive videos that motivate people to take action. Their videos enjoin stories inspired by tech. They are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been offering various video types including commercials, branding and explainers. They have an organized team that collaborates and work according to flexible schedules.

Services Provided by Bx Films:

Video Production, Commercial Video, Interview Videos, Corporate Videos, Testimonial Videos, Educational/Training Videos, Explainer Videos

Key Clients: PayPal, Trov, Toyota, IBM, Intel, TurboTax, CiscoMeraki, Libratone, WordPress, Remo+, VSCO, Allegiant Air, Bed Bath & Beyond, JBL, Fellow Products, Whirlpool

United States0-10Founded: 2010$100 – $149/hr. +1-415-355-4605

VeracityColab4. VeracityColab:

VeracityColab continues to be the top video agency for product marketers in the U.S. based on client reviews. They have been recognized twice by Clutch as Top B2B companies and top 1000 companies Global 2019. They help marketers to communicate with their story-driven videos. The design within their brand guidelines, communicate through a clear process and ensure that the workload gets lighter.

Services Provided by VeracityColab:

Explainer Video, Product Campaign, Product Story Video, Product Features Video, Brand Video, Social Engagement Ads, Social Videos, Brand Film, SaaS Explainer, Case Study Video, How It Works Video

Key Clients: Tender Greens, Adidas, simplehuman, Intuit, Microsoft, Thermo Fisher Scientific, The Irvine Company, Eventbrite, Flexfit, Experian, EPSON, HJC, AT&T, Adobe, Life Happens, TGR Foundation, PTC, Covetrus,, Better Cloud, Medallia

United States11-50Founded: 2008$150 – $199/hr. +1-949-383-5500

Casual5. Casual Films:

Casual Films are a video production website having its headquarters in London and branch offices in New York and Oakland. They specialize in video production, content marketing, social media marketing, promotional content. They create videos to hire staff, promote a product or service, train and motivate the staff and increase brand awareness.

Services Provided by Casual Films:

Video Production, Branded Videos, Corporate Videos, Testimonial/Interview Videos, Demo Videos, Explainer Videos

Key Clients: Avery Dennison, Marriott, Adobe, Allianz, Autodesk, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Vodafone, Canon, Facebook, GoDaddy, Google, LinkedIn, PwC, RedBull

USA, UK, Netherlands11-50Founded: 2006$150 – $199/hr. +44 20 3411 8040

Sparkhouse6. Sparkhouse:

Sparkhouse is an Irvine, Calif-based multimedia production company who are into creating product videos, brand videos, animations, social media videos to accomplish their client’s goals. They make use of their video production expertise to design and develop videos for products, branding, websites, television and social media.

Services Provided by Sparkhouse:

Video Production, Commercial Video, Branded Video, Interview Video, Testimonial Video, Educational Video, Training Video, Explainer Video, Corporate Video, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphic

Key Clients: Honda Financial, Nissan, Undefeated, XFX, First American Title, Entrepreneur Magazine, Nekter Juice Bars, Jacuzzi, Youtube, Forever 21, Liquipel, Zyliss, XFX, Cambro, AMD, Zodiac Aerospace, UAG, Corvel, Zyliss, Stussy, Nitto, Denso, CoreLogic, Cambro, Cole and Mason, ECOS, EvaDrop, JWC Enviromental, Vizio, Amrstrong Gardens, Irvine Chamber

United States11-50Founded: 2009$100 – $149/hr. +1-949-541-3511

Blublu7. Blublu Studios:

They are an award-winning Animation Production Company that is fuelled by creativity, powered by skills and driven by design.  They work for companies of all sizes across the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia, Poland, Scandinavia, Japan, Germany, Austria, Singapore etc. Having worked across the globe, they are experienced in creating video content for start-ups as well as for the enterprises.

Services Provided by Blublu Studios:

Video Production, Broadcast Video, Graphic Design, Corporate Video, Commercial Video, Branded Video, Explainer Video

Key Clients: Mentos, Chupa Chups, MultiSport, IKEA, Nickelodeon, Subaru, Vattenfall, Panasonic, Forbes, Mitsubishi, Bislett Games, Viva!, Sensei, Microsoft, TEDx, Macmillan Publishers, Springer Nature, Cambridge University Press, Euro Net, NASK, Agora.

UK, Poland, Japan101 - 250Founded: 2014$50 – $99/hr. +48 609 297 231

Maxime8. Maxime Photo and Video:

We are into taking pictures that make your audience want more. We plan strategically before every shoot. Our work includes including various animation/VFX effects into corporate videos, brand videos, commercial videos, and video editing. We produce, direct, shoot, edit and distribute video and photo projects.

Services Provided by Maxime Photo and Video:

We craft effective campaigns for branded content, explainer videos and corporate productions, to social ads and commercials. Company recruitment video, Social Ads, LinkedIn Ads video, Start-up video production, Non-profit video for agencies, NGO video, Energy, Financial Services, Education, Drone videography, E-commerce, Branded content, Corporate video production, Amazon product videos and Commercials.

Key Clients: Curaleaf – medical cannabis client. REV Group – specialty vehicle manufacturer. Adidas – sportswear. Avocados From Mexico – food industry. WSP – civil engineering + city planning. Worthy Marketing – publishing marketing services.

United States11-50Founded: 2014$100 – $149/hr. +1-305-300-5065

Softeq9. Softeq:

Softeq HQs are located in Houston, TX, USA. Softeq CEO is Chris Howard. A one-stop shop for hardware, embedded, mobile, web, desktop, IoT and Cloud solutions. Our engineers offer full-stack development services, both application- and hardware-level expertise which is hard to be found under one roof elsewhere. As Softeq celebrates its recent growth and continued success from around the world, the company is augmenting its offerings in early-stage innovation and ideation and enhancing its business consulting capabilities.

Services Provided by Softeq:

Custom software, Hardware, IoT wearables, Web, Mobile, Industrial Systems, Automotive & Transportation, Storage

Key Clients: Intel, EPSON, Nike, NVIDIA, Lenovo, Omron, Verizon, Disney, AGU, Halo.
USA, Lithuania, Germany251-500Founded: 1997$50-$99/hr. +1-281-552-5000

Crystal10. Crystal Pyramid Productions:

Our DPS/Camera Operators, Producers, Sound Mixers, Editors, Teleprompter Operators, Grips and Gaffers provide all the necessary Broadcast Video Production Equipment, Audio and Lighting Gear to tell your story and highlight your services or products online. You can also travel to our studio to get covered. We specialize in Interviews, B-Roll, Green Screen, Corporate Training & Internet Web Cannabis Videos.  We also cover conventions, seminars and corporate events. Having produced a dozen of Product Demo Programs, TV Ads, Infomercials, Multimedia Productions, Live Web-Casts & Streaming, they also provide Film, Animation, Teleprompting, Video Editing, PAL Video and more for Full and Half-Day rates 24/7 in San Diego. We are expert video production services with high-end broadcast equipment including Sony FS7 Mark II camera rig with all the bells and whistles including a Cool Luxe Cool Rig and JTZ DP30 Swing-Away Matte Box with various filters. Along with Convergent Designs Odyssey 7Q+ monitor/recorder with Apollo option, this camera system delivers revolutionary high-production quality to your video project. We also have state-of-the-art Virtual Reality equipment for all your VR and AR (Augmented Reality) video production needs. They also provide a substantial non-profit discount for non-profit agencies.

Services Provided by Crystal Pyramid Productions:

Video Production, Broadcast Video, Corporate Video, Educational Video, Demo Videos

Key Clients: NetFlix, Inside Edition, Pfizer, Entertainment Tonight & Insider, Comic-con-San Diego, Novartis, EXTRA, ABC, F.D.A., Procter & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKliene, A & E, Maxim, E! Entertainment, Qualcomm, IBM, UPS&MBE, Oprah&DR.

United States0-10Founded: 1981$100 – $149/hr. +1-619-644-3000

More Industry Leaders:

Definition11. Definition Films:

It is a full-service video production company based out of Santa Rosa, CA. Definition Films has been pushing high-quality cinematography and creative entertainment that reveals why our clients are the leading choice for their customers. They’ve adopted in-depth creative storytelling and cinematography techniques, to deliver cutting edge video production that attracts attention, on budget and on time. They are a company of creatives who are passionate and energetic about what they’ve been doing. They are client-focused and have been delivering within stringent time frames.

Services Provided by Definition Films:

Video Production, Animation & Explainers, Corporate Videos, Commercial Videos, Client Testimonials Videos, Product Demo Videos, Education & Training Videos, Events & Conferences Videos

Key Clients: PG&E, Keysight Technologies, Adidas, Boston Scientific, LabCorp, Covance, Ace Hardware, Rombauer Vineyards, Kiosk Creative, The Engine is Red, Pellenc America, World Animal Protection

United States0-10Founded: 2008$150 – $199/hr. +1-707-835-4641

Olive12. Olive Tree Filmes:

Stand out from the crowd with fully custom-made videos and exclusive illustrations. For over 10 years, we have been helping brands from all over the world to communicate better, with direction and support in developing the best advertising strategies, through awesome animated videos. We are a video production company with over 10 years in the market, specialized in marketing and branded content. We are in tune with the main trends and best tools for video creation. In addition, our creative team guarantees 100% original productions, with exclusive and attractive illustrations to delight your audience and increase your sales.

Services Provided by Olive Tree Filmes:

Videos, Movies, 3D animation, 2D animation, marketing, advertising, video advertising, explainer videos, corporate videos, etc.

Key Clients: Pearson Education, Volkswagen, Dell Computers, Daiichi Sankyo

Brazil11-50Founded: 2008$50-$99/hr. +55 (11) 3434-6713

Blue13. Blue Carrot:

Blue Carrot studio is THE source for creative storytelling and video marketing solutions. We inject the heart, humor, passion and purpose of brands into animated videos that drive marketing goals. Since opening our doors in 2014, we’ve set our creative video production apart in a global marketplace, thanks to our talents, technologies and a business-minded approach to art.

Our portfolio of 200+ stories includes:
Explainer videos, Promo videos, Commercials, Corporate videos, E-learning, Cartoons

Services Provided by Blue Carrot:

2D animated videos, 3D animated videos, explainer videos, learning videos

Key Clients: KoA, DNB, Takeda

Ukraine11-50Founded: 2014$25 – $49/hr. +1-718-514-6448

Black14. Black Hawk:

They help clients to look inward and infuse their business stories with their personal values and beliefs. It is an award-winning creative and production studio known for the work that features real-life characters and breathtaking visuals. Their progressive roster of directors represents the next generation of storytellers, working across sports, comedy, and documentary genres. They have creative service providers, strategists, people involved in full production and a post-house including Visual Effects, CGI, and Sound.

Services Provided by Black Hawk:

Company Recruitment Video, Social Ads, Linkedin Ad Video, Startup Video Production, Educational Videos, Drone Videography, Corporate Video Production, Amazon Product Videos, Commercials

Key Clients: The United Nations, VICE, BBC, CBC, ENI, Purolator, Hello Cannabis, Perfect Level Master

Canada0-10Founded: 2014$100 – $149/hr. +1-647-806-0755

Your15. Your Story Agency:

They are a video production agency helping businesses improve their marketing and communications via video content. This company allows producing videos that are result-driven, helping people save time and connect with their customers on a deeper level. Your Story Agency follows a strategy for the production of any successful video. They have proven strategies and creative campaigning to optimize the videos and generate results.

Services Provided By Your Story Agency:

Video Production, Corporate Videos, Commercial Videos, Client Testimonials Videos, Product Demo Videos, Education & Training Videos

Key Clients: Vancouver Canucks, Omega, Marriott International, Hublot, Parq Vancouver, Dom Perignon, Vocier, Aston Martin, Style by Sarai, JW Marriott, Buffalo Sabers, Kidsport, NHL, D2A Audio, Oxford & Kin, Driven Project, Aqomi

Canada0-10Founded: 2017$100 – $149/hr. +1-778-877-5785

Skeleton16. Skeleton Productions:

Skeleton is a full-service video production agency that helps companies to win new customers with remarkable content & campaigns.

Services Provided by Skeleton Productions:

Corporate video production, Explainer video production, Animated video production, Promotional video production

Key Clients: Box, Europa, Ateme, Softomotive, Amazon

United Kingdom, USA11-50Founded: 2004$150-199/hr. +44 845 003 7720

Concurrent17. Concurrent Productions:

They make use of the video production process to encourage their clients to look inward and infuse their business stories with their personal values and beliefs. Their brand video production process creates emotionally-engaging, authentic video content that reveals the humanity behind your organization. This helps them make deeper connections with their prospects, save time/money and decommodify their brand.

Services Provided By Concurrent Productions:

Video Productions, Brand Videos, Founder Story Videos, Company Culture Videos, Remote Customer Testimonial Videos

Key Clients: The Pun Group, WriteGirl, Evergreen Law, Indie Source, Romancing the Spine, Ivye Wear, Wolfermade etc.


United States0-10Founded: 2017NA +1-310-853-0121

Bear18. Bear In The Hall:

Bear In The Hall is a full service agency with roots in New York City, California, Connecticut and London. We’re a team of award winning creatives, producers, strategists, and account managers with one goal: put your brands claws into culture. Whether you’re starting your business, or are a fortune 500 company, we’ll help you do it.

Services Provided by Bear In The Hall:

Advertising, Branding, Content Marketing, Direct Marketing

Key Clients:Ticketmaster, Vonage Business & Nexmo, Roboair, ADT, JAXJOX, Nikon

United States11-50Founded: 2017$200/hr+ +1-646-460-0647

Rip19. Rip Media Group:

Rip Media Group is located in Los Angeles and is focused on discovering their client’s needs and inspire them to take action, to convert, to purchase. They offer video production and content marketing services to businesses of all sizes ranging from small start-ups to large enterprises. They specialize in making videos that add a whole new dimension towards the business promotion, training and presentation materials. It includes – Live action video production, motion graphics animation and whiteboard animation.

Services Provided by Rip Media Group:

Business Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Animation, Commercial Production, Character Animation, Medical, Healthcare, and Life Sciences Video, Motion Graphic, Animation 3D Models, Motion Design, Non-profit and Causes Video, Explainer Videos

Key Clients: Accenture, Cisco, Comcast, Ben & Jerry’s, Novartis, Black & Decker, Harvard University, Kaiser Permanente, Amgen, LexisNexis

United States0-10Founded: 2007$100 – $149/hr. +1-888-899-8910

AppStudio20. AppStudio:

Appstudio is a full service software design and development firm located in the heart of Toronto. We are pioneers in disruptive technology, with a core focus on Mobile and Web Applications. With a young, creative, Canadian team, we strive to collaborate with our clients to create truly memorable digital experiences. Whether you are startup or Enterprise, we have the resources and price-point to service your mobile requirements.

Services Provided by AppStudio:

Product Strategy, Prototyping & Concept Development, Product Design, iOS and Android App Development, Web App Development, Bot and Conversational Interface Development, Interactive TV Development, SAP Development, Flutter App Development, React Native Development, Blockchain Development

Key Clients: ThatsGame, Riyadh season, Tax Volt, The Round Up, Frenzy, &Jane

Canada, USA, Australia51-100Founded: 2009$50-$99/hr. +1-800-352-9138

A top video production agency or media agency is required to enhance the business website by providing compelling video content that uplifts its text and pictorial content. This eventually adds value to the business. But finding a suitable business to do this task for you can be equally challenging. ITFirms has created a list of best video production companies after reading through the company description, former clients, and relevant projects.

Media production companies include any type of communication, entertainment, and information that is intended for a larger audience. It can be informative or promotional – about educational institutions or any type of business. Companies providing video production services are responsible for chalking down the concept, scripting, scheduling, casting, keeping the project concise, supervising the filming process, and ensuring client satisfaction in the process. Companies that create media are responsible to organize, staff, produce, distribute, market and budget to have a better estimation and to serve their audience better. Best video production firms are headed by experienced producers and directors with a proven track record that is critical to overall success. For more information on what services we provide and how we do it, please contact us.