Top Metaverse Development Companies 2024February 3, 2024 |  Top IT Service & Solution Providers

Recommendation for top Metaverse companies to keep you ahead in the race of Metaverse innovation. Create your Metaverse platform and let your imagination fly high.

Bitdeal21. Bitdeal:

Bitdeal is a leading Digital Transformation Company, who provides the A-Z development service like cryptocurrency exchange, NFT development service, DeFi Development service, Blockchain development Service, Metaverse Development service and more. We have completed over 7+years of journey in providing services to over 20+ industries. And we have 200+ experienced Blockchain experts who had delivered over 500+ projects till now successfully and have satisfied customers over the globe. Our main motive is to bring the customer’s dreams into reality.

Services Provided by Bitdeal:

Blockchain Development, Crypto Solutions, NFT Development, AI Development, Game Development, Metaverse Development, Token Development, Web3 Development, NFT Development, DeFi Development

Key Clients: Alexze Jaxon

India101-250Founded: 2015$25-$49/hr. +91-96775-55651

Blockchain22. Blockchain App Factory:

As a reputed Web3 marketing agency, we strive to offer the best-in-class services to promote projects to the intended audience using a plethora of strategies. Such an approach has led us to work with top Web3 businesses, and we have generated fabulous results for them.

Services Provided by Blockchain App Factory:

NFT Solutions, Digital Marketing Solutions


India101-250Founded: 2010$200/hr.+ +91-63826-65366

Swasti23. Swasti Datamatrix:

Empowering Your Business With Innovative Software & Security Solutions – Let Us Be Your Partner For Success! Swasti Datamatrix is an emerging software development and cybersecurity company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to businesses and organizations. With a focus on innovation, expertise, and customer service, Swasti Datamatrix’s team of experts can help you assess your security risks and implement the right solutions. Swasti Datamatix’s team of experts brings years of experience and a deep understanding of cutting-edge technology to every project, ensuring that its clients receive the best possible solutions.

Services Provided by Swasti Datamatrix:

Cyber security services, Salesforce development, App development

Key Clients: 3M, Pragma Market Research, Gira, Coles, Julpher, Pharma

India11-50Founded: 2019$25-$49/hr. +91-89754-07503

Plavno24. Plavno:

Don’t quack like a duck, better try plavno stack! Plavno is an international full-cycle software development company which combines solid technical skills with 14 years expertise gained over the years and across various industries. Plavno has a strong and dedicated team of IT experts working in the Scaled Agile Framework environment. Our team consists of CTO, Team leaders, Product and Project managers, Developers and QA. The ultimate goal is to do exactly what our customers need and create long-term value throughout their digital transformation journey.

Services Provided by Plavno:

We solve problems of all complexity and scale. Plavno deliver Web and Mobile solutions, always following the highest standards to make the businesses of our customers more innovative and successful.

FOCUS ON: Web3 / DeFi / DAO / Smart contract, WebRTC, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Chat and Chatbot Development, ML & AI.

Key Clients: Mercedes, Xerox, Kia, eBay, PayPal, Amazon , IBM, Bank, Mediacube

Kazakhstan, Germany, Poland101-250Founded: 2007$50-$99/hr. +3756092222


TILTLABS is a product realization company that specializes in using emerging technologies to create interactive, intuitive, and immersive experiences. We operate mainly XR & Mobility, Games & Gamification, Virtual Production, Metaverse, Blockchain, and NFT. We recently started our NFT studio to help in developing NFT games & asset creation. With close to a decade of experience in helping industries over the world enhance their workflow.

Services Provided by TILTLABS:

3D Visualization/Modeling, Metaverse Development, NFT Development, Blockchain Development, Virtual Production, AR/VR/XR/MR Development, Games & Gamification

Key Clients: Epic Games, UGM, Ashirvad Cinemas, Fujitec, O2K, Ampere by Greaves, Quest, Yokogawa, Avista, Siemens, Honeywell, Happiest Minds, YSO Corp, Ashima, Vieroots, GPNFTS

India51-100Founded: 2015$25-$49/hr. +91-471-4050401

AFour26. AFour Technologies:

Established in 2007, AFour Technologies (a.k.a. AFour), is a part of ACL Digital, an ALTEN Group Company, which is a digital product innovation and engineering leader. Our expertise spans across Software Product Engineering, DevOps, QA, Test Automation, Cybersecurity, and more, enabling us to design and develop cutting-edge AI, Cloud, and Mobile-ready solutions. By employing a design-led Digital Transformation approach, we create content and commerce-driven platforms, providing seamless connected experiences for the modern world.

Services Provided by AFour Technologies:

User Experience, Software Soultion Architecture, DevOps Strategy, Test Strategy, Digital Transformation, Customer Success & Product, System Architecture, CI/CD Pipeline, Test Design & Test Automation Framework Design, Digital Transformation, Software Prototype Development/MVP, Mobility, Web Frontend, Backend/API

Key Clients: Trilio, Monty Cloud, Logitech, Convoy, Everchron, Marchex, Pubmatic, Microsoft, Intel, Trailscope

USA, India, UK251-500Founded: 2007$50-$99/hr. +1-425-241-0581

Grids27. Grids and Guides Technologies:

Grids and Guides is a growing tech company headquartered in Chennai, India. With a strong focus on offshore application development services, we are committed to delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions to our diverse clientele. From large enterprises and mid-sized companies to visionary startups, we harmonize with the unique needs of each client.

At Grids and Guides, we pride ourselves on our expertise, innovative thinking, and commitment to excellence. Our collaborative approach ensures that we understand the specific goals and challenges of our clients. By providing tailored software solutions, we empower businesses to thrive and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape


Custom Software Development, Other Application Development, AI Development, API Development, Generative AI, IoT Development

Key Clients: Blacksheep

India11-50Founded: 2019<$25/hr. +91-98848-91090

Bettoblock28. Bettoblock:

Bettoblock is a pioneer software development company specializing in the Blockchain arena. We discover talents and render Blockchain Development services that outshine your business from an ocean of competitors. We have been established in the IT field since 2016 with a successful project completion agenda. Our Expert Blockchain Developers are trained, certified, and entrusted as the company’s fortified pillar. We render a plethora of software development services ranging from Blockchain software development and cryptocurrency solutions to cutting-edge Metaverse development services.

Services Provided by Bettoblock:

Blockchain Development, Betting Software Development, NFT Game Development, Binance Smart Chain Development, VR Development, Power BI Development, NFT Marketplace Development

Key Clients: Nucoin, Infinity8, Mr. Mint, Metaseer, Sqfcoin, Platinax, Bodno, FSL11

United Arab Emirates101-250Founded: 2016$25-$49/hr. +91-88891-88912

Tech29. Tech Active:

Born as the digital native in the year 2006 when agile was new, we were the early adopters of lean mindset. Since then, we have been quick to adapt to newer technologies across Web, eCommerce, Mobile and Cloud platforms. Having partnered with over 100 brands with a lean and distributed team of 70 experts we have stuck to our roots of building great products with agile mindset. Our office spaces in India, UK and US are designed to let our teams breathe creativity and imagine solutions that never fail to surprise our customers.

Services Provided by Tech Active :

Cloud-based Data Management Platform (DMP), Cloud-based Comprehensive Hiring Software, Online Job Portal for International Students, Project Discovery and Prototyping for Wellness App, Cloud-based Taxi Management Platfrom, On-demand Car Detailing Mobile App

Key Clients: 

India, USA, UK51-100Founded: 2006$50-$99/hr. +91-80412-13194

Hostmetas30. Hostmetas:

Top Metaverse Development Company – Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D, NFTs, Blockchain, Web3, and AI Solutions for your business. Hostmetas is a Prominent Metaverse Development Company with extensive experience developing various Immersive Metaverse Solutions used by our vast customers globally across the industry.

Services Provided by Hostmetas:

Metaverse Development, Metaverse ECommerce, Metaverse As A Service, Metaverse Game Development, AR Solutions, VR Development, 3D Services, NFT Marketplace, NFT Game Development, Unreal Engine Development, Game Development

Key Clients: Manuel, Zero Exception, Abdullah Yehia, Rasit

India51-100Founded: 2016<$25/hr. +91-89258-10144

valantic31. valantic GmbH:

valantic creates software and digital process solutions that enable customers to achieve strategic advantages over their competitors. We master the central challenges of digitalization with a uniquely flexible, elementary organizational structure and operational excellence.

Services Provided by valantic GmbH:

Customer Experience, Digital Strategy & Analytics, Financial Services Automation, SAP Services, Smart Industries & Industrie 4.0

Key Clients:

Germany501-1000Founded: 2012$150-199/hr. +49 89 2000 85 91 0

Visartech32. Visartech:

Visartech Inc. is a software solution provider that helps businesses solve challenges and reach specific goals using technology. We focus on delivering intelligent cloud IT infrastructure, digital ecosystems, and interactive solutions.

Key Visartech facts: 13+ years of proven experience, 193+ software projects delivered, 132+ partners in our ecosystem, 86% of returning clients

Services Provided by Visartech:

IT Infrastructure Optimization, DevOps & Cloud Computing, IT Security Services, Backend Development, Metaverse Ecosystem, Digital Twin Solutions, WebGL 3D Graphics

Key Clients: SporTrack, LLC ExploR

United States51-100Founded: 2010$50-$99/hr. +1-302-268-6175

Addus33. Addus Technologies:

Addus technologies is the best web3.0 development company in India. We specialize in providing innovative solutions in areas such as web3 development services, NFT development, Metaverse development, Crypto exchange, IoT, AI development, Smart contract development, wallet development, Rust and solidity programming, mobile and web app development, cloud solutions, data solutions, software QA and automation services, DevOps solutions, business intelligence technologies, IT infrastructure services. Additionally, we offer blockchain and metaverse advisory services and resource outsourcing.

Services Provided by Addus Technologies:

web3 development services, NFT development, Metaverse development, Crypto exchange, IoT, AI development, Smart contract development, wallet development, Rust and solidity programming, mobile and web app development, cloud solutions, data solutions, software QA and automation services

Key Clients: Sura exchange

India51-100Founded: 2021$25-$49/hr. +91-90037-92244

Thinkogic34. Thinkogic:

At the heart of our venture lies a dynamic and accomplished multidisciplinary team, fueled by a shared passion for innovation and excellence. With a proven track record that speaks volumes, we are driven by a relentless desire to create software solutions that meet and surpass expectations. We believe in the power of collaboration, recognizing that the most remarkable outcomes are achieved when exceptional minds come together. Our team thrives on diversity, bringing together strategists, thinkers, and innovators from various domains to weave a tapestry of creativity and expertise.

Services Provided by Thinkogic:

Software Development, Consulting Services, Web Development, Mobile App Development, IT Support and Maintenance, Cloud Services, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity

Key Clients: Tata Group, Godrej & Boyce, Reliance Industries

India0-10Founded: 2019<$25/hr. +91-808-755-0334

Connect35. Connect Infosoft Technologies:

Connect Infosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides Website design and development services to global clients. Connect Infosoft has more than 24+ years of experience in software development with a strong focus on mobile app development for all platforms including iOS and Android. We were established in 1999, and have been serving our customers worldwide. Connect Infosoft’s Head Office is based in New Delhi, India, and has a Branch Office in Orissa. It also has a portrayal in the United States. In business for more than 24+ years, we are constantly prepared to confront any challenge.

Services Provided by Connect Infosoft Technologies:

Web Application Development, ETL Services -SaaS & MVP Development, Mobile App Development, Data Science & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns, Blockchain, DevOps, Amazon Web Services, Product Engineering, UI/UX

Key Clients:– Strange Engineering, Bikefit, VendorElite, Nanny Poppinz, Fashion Window Treatment, Maxpower, Strange Oval, Southern Trend, Retail Rebel

India, USA, UK11-50Founded: 1999$50-$99/hr. +1-323-522-5635

OpenMalo36. OpenMalo Technologies:

OpenMalo Technologies offers custom Web Development. We’re your technology collaborator and more than just a web development company. With over a decade of experience, our passionate team of experts is dedicated to crafting custom web solutions that drive digital transformation and elevate your business. Outsourcing IT company offers web development and Android app and web development!

Services Provided by OpenMalo Technologies:

SaaS integration and development, CRM integration and development, Web development, Mobile app development

Key Clients: Resumatic

India, Australia, USA51-100Founded: 2010$25-$49/hr. +1-252-888-3331

Talentica37. Talentica Software:

Talentica Software is an innovative product development company that provides startup-oriented dedicated remote teams to help startups build their own tech products. In the last 18 years, we have successfully enabled 170+ Startups to create their own success stories. With average client tenure lasting for 2.5+ years, we promise a strategic & valuable tech partnership for Startups.

We have a team of 450+ problem solvers across 9 Technology Excellence Groups: AI/ML, Blockchain, BigData, DevOps, UI/UX, Mobile, Wearables and more, bringing both experienced remote teams & a vast portfolio of Tech Expertise while being cost-effective.

Services Provided by Talentica Software:

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, IoT & Connected Devices, BigData, DevOps & Infrastructure, UI/UX, Mobile Apps & Wearables, Open Source & more…

Key Clients: Opera Mediaworks, TALA Security, Citrus, Homeunion, SignTrace, Vulcan

United States, India251-500Founded: 2003$25 – $49/hr. +91-20407-51111

ClousTech38. ClousTech:

At ClousTech, we are more than just a software development company; we are your partners in turning concepts into digital realities. With an unwavering passion for innovation and an unyielding commitment to excellence, we stand at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, propelling businesses toward triumph in the digital era.

Services Provided by ClousTech:

Software Development, Chatbot, Business Intelligence, Automation, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Mobile App Development

Key Clients: Mevive International, Mobility Foresights

India0-10Founded: 2023<$25/hr. +91-74490-68687

Fulminous39. Fulminous Software:

We’re Fulminous Software. An experienced web and mobile app developer who has a track record of success creating apps that are both well-received and commercially viable. Ability to always look for ways to improve upon an already existing application or website to keep people downloading it and enjoying it. We have focused team for bringing ideas to life.

Services Provided by Fulminous Software:

Ionic App Development, Python Development Services, Drupal Development Services, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Bespoke Software Solutions, Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions, Web App Solutions

Key Clients: Easy Recovery, Ekolo & Plate Rate.

India, USA, UK11-50Founded: 2019$25-$49/hr. +91-96805-67092

TNC40. TNC Teams:

TNC Teams Blockchain Consulting Services and Solutions specializes in assisting startups and enterprises with the integration of blockchain solutions. We guide our clients’ projects, provide innovative solutions, and deliver the greatest technological and marketing solutions in the industry.

Services Provided by TNC Teams:

Blockchain Development, Smart Contract Development, NFT Marketplace Development, NFT Development, Crypto Exchange Development, Crypto Wallet Development, Web3 Development, Metaverse Development, Blockchain And Crypto Marketing, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development

Key Clients: Stream Coin, ABBC Coin, Real Research

United Arab Emirates101-250Founded: 2018$25-$49/hr. +971 04 570 6140

Metaverse can be termed as the 3D virtual world where you can communicate with other people using the digital avatar just like the real world. Since Facebook revealed the concept of the metaverse, its popularity is reaching new heights of success with each passing day. More and more businesses are stepping into metaverse development to create an engaging and fruitful experience.

However, without having the right expertise of the top metaverse companies on your side, you won’t be able to reach the true potential of your metaverse development vision. Therefore it is inevitable to work with the best metaverse development company to ensure the success of your project.

Guide to Select the Best Metaverse Development Company?

How much does it cost to develop a metaverse platform?

The estimated cost of metaverse platform development is subject to the complexity, features, location of the development agency, selection of blockchain platform, and so on. Since these details vary from one project to another, providing you with the estimated cost is not a feasible decision.

How do metaverse development companies help me?

Top metaverse companies can help you in the following ways:

  • Smart contract creations and deployment
  • Integration of online payment wallets with your metaverse platform
  • Responsible for upgrading and maintaining your metaverse platform
  • The large pool of full-stack development skills
  • Best expertise in working with the interoperable standards
  • Offers access to high bandwidth decentralized networks

In what ways a metaverse development company can benefit you?

By offering top-notch metaverse development services, the company can help you with the following benefits:

  • Help businesses address the remote work challenges more efficiently
  • Taking the online gaming experience to next level by making them more realistic
  • Open new opportunities for virtual traveling
  • Virtual tour of real-world properties that mimic real-world feelings.