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The complete list of mobile app development companies in Poland is here.

NeuroSYS21. NeuroSYS:

Software Development Agency with a strong focus on Machine Learning and AI. No matter if you want to gain an advantage over your competitors using the latest Machine Learning algorithms or want to automate business processes with dedicated IT solutions – NeuroSYS is the best partner for you.

We help fast-growing companies to leverage the latest technologies to grow even faster. Our team of 100+ Analysts, Software Developers, UI/UX Designers, Machine Learning Researchers, and testers will design and develop your new IT product or help you to successfully finish an ongoing IT project.

Services Provided by NeuroSYS:

Custom software development, Mobile app development, AI/Machine Learning algorithms development and consulting, Product development, UI/UX Design

Key Clients: Comcast, Toyota, Safe4, CarNext, Arteel, Tablebooker, AgroVision, Strobbo

Poland101-250Founded: 2010$50-$99/hr. +48 537 900 002

Railwaymen22. Railwaymen:

Railwaymen is a software house based in Kraków, Poland. The company has been providing its clients with modern web & mobile development solutions for over 13 years. All thanks to the experienced staff, which implements each project at the highest level. Railwaymen’s portfolio includes over 150 completed projects for customers located on 5 continents. We are not afraid of different time zones, cultural circles, or distances. Every day we do our best to make our applications an added value for our clients. Convince yourself of this by telling our representatives about your business idea.

Services Provided by Railwaymen:

Web Development, App Development, Discovery Phase, Product Design

Key Clients: ProEst, ProTenders, James Marketing Amplifier, Shawarmer, InQuizits, Launchmatic

Poland51-100Founded: 2009$50-$99/hr. +48 501 056 834

Progress23. Progress Engine:

Progress Engine is a Russian/Polish company with 8 years of experience in the successful development of high-load services, complex technical projects and a product approach. Among our clients are large banks, television channels, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Our key difference from ordinary software development houses is specialization in research, product and business analytics, and marketing/business growth.

Services Provided by Progress Engine:

We offer a full complex of product development: Product and business analytics, Design, Backend+Frontend, Web Development, Mobile Development (native and cross-platform), Technical Support.

Key Clients: YouDo, Zeptolab, VIASAT, CTC Media, Muz-TV, Inbox Zero, Bolear, Home Credit Bank

Russia, Poland11-50Founded: 2012$40 – $85/hr. +7 926 889 16 32

Giraffe24. Giraffe Studio:

We create mobile & web applications, websites, e-commerce, CMS, CRM, API,UX & UI as well as copywriting and SEO services. We deliver complete products.

Our showcase is a great design as well as high usability and intuitiveness of the solutions we create. We build each product in accordance with the customer\\\’s business requirements. We have been operating in the IT industry for 5 years, relying on official technologies and certified tools, which allows us to create valuable products. You will find the solutions we have created in more than 70 countries.

Services Provided by Giraffe Studio:

Mobile App Development (Android, iOS, Flutter), Web App Development, Custom Software Development

Key Clients: Salesmanago, Fitness App, Do-it Solutions Limited, Myled, Walter Kompressortechnik Polska

Poland, Australia11-50Founded: 2016$25 – $49/hr. +48 781 024 755

Nextapps25. Nextapps:

We founded Nextapps to fuel fintech and retail with the opportunity to build and scale their development teams. Having led banking IT teams for more than 10 years, we understand the nuances of fintech solutions, electronic payments, biometric transactions, digital receipts, security, and cloud architecture. Our specialty is mobile development that connects businesses with their clients.

Services Provided by Nextapps:

Nextapps delivers web applications, performant mobile apps, and offers migration of existing business architecture to the cloud. We can support our clients at the ideation stage, advise on technology choices, help create the application scope, design the interfaces, write the code, test, deploy, and maintain the application.

Key Clients: Intermarche, BZWBK (now Santander Consumer Bank), IBM, PayU, Google Campus, Walutomat, Fundio

Poland11-50Founded: 2015$50 – $80/hr. +48-692-145-451

Bright26. Bright Inventions:

Bright Inventions is a software consulting studio based in Gdansk, Poland. Since 2012 we have built software for more than 40 businesses worldwide. Our expertise in mobile, web, blockchain and IoT systems has been highly appreciated by our clients from UK, Germany, Netherlands, Norway Israel and more.

Services Provided by Bright Inventions:

Mobile App Development, Web Development, Blockchain, Product Design, IoT Development, Custom Software Development, Agile Worshops

Key Clients: vCare, AirHelp, SmartHelp, Datarella, AppAdvisors, etventure, Goyello, Confr, CryptoAtlas, Finebite (Everytap)

Poland50-249Founded: 2012$50 – $99/hr. +48 695 934555

FiveDotTwelve27. FiveDotTwelve:

FiveDotTwelve is a modern software house focusing on close cooperation with customers and on individual approach to every project. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality solutions to our clients. We work hard to understand their business needs and drivers and then rapidly develop, implement and roll-out best-in-market, fit-for-purpose solutions. We remain committed to you and your vision throughout your project (and beyond) and internally are committed to always staying ahead of the curve in terms of the latest innovations and options that help us help you better.

Services Provided by FiveDotTwelve:

mobile app development, web development, UI/UX design

Key Clients:Knauf, SsangYong, Apsys Management, Ecomess, ParrotOne, Sober Grid, Widzew Lodz

Poland10-49Founded: 201550-99 +48 693 309 429

GlobalLogic28. GlobalLogic:

GlobalLogic is Ranked as Best Mobile App Development Company focusing on delivering high standards iOS, IoT & Android app development services from retail shopping mobile app, fitness devices apps to Healthcare app development. As GlobalLogic Mobile App Development services help customers bring their products to life effectively through the help of top tech experts working towards the goals.

Services Provided by GlobalLogic:

Mobile App Development, UX Design Services, IOT Solution and Services, Embedded services

Key Clients: We are privileged to work with hundreds of future-thinking businesses, including many of the world’s top hardware, software, and consumer brands like: FOX, Oracle, Volvo, Panasonic, Adobe, HP, LA Galaxy, Qualcomm, The Economist, Samsung

USA, Poland, Ukraine1000+Founded: 2000$25-$49/hr. +1-408-273-8900

Macrobian29. Macrobian Games:

Macrobian Games is leading game development company based in India. We specialise in Unity 3D game development across platforms and technologies. With a perfect mix of experience and passion we build and deliver the finest games. We handhold our clients right from ideation until post release to help get awesome returns on investment. We also provide gamification service for corporate training, education, and employees.
Our goal is to deliver great quality games that have the potential to disrupt the video games industry.

Services Provided by Macrobian Games:

Unity 3D Game Development, Gamification in Corporate Training

Key Clients: Torrent Pharma, Dweek Studios

India, UK, USA11-50Founded: 2015$25 – $49/hr. +91-97234-54527

createIT30. createIT:

As a passionate group of professionals with a love for Web and mobile technologies, we have been serving our clients for the past 15 years. Throughout this time, our web development company has continuously pursued the creation of the best IT solutions our clients seek. We offer cutting edge website development, complex B2B and B2C Web systems, specialized platforms with customized functionalities and mobile apps, along with direct outsourcing using our most experienced developers. We work in multiple frameworks, but we hold special feelings for PHP (Symfony, OXID, WordPress), JavaScript (React, AngularJS), Flutter and Blockchain. We enjoy working in scalable cloud environments, such as AW

Services Provided by createIT:

Web development, corporate websites, complex online platforms, online shops, B2B/B2C Web systems, WordPress themes and plugins, desktop and mobile apps, direct outsourcing

Key Clients: Alukoenigstahl, PKO BP, Freedom United, Maxi Players, cgrd GMBH, CityTalks, Lionline, OXID esales

Poland101-250Founded: 2004$50-$99/hr. +48 22 378 33 79

Misha31. Misha Infotech:

Misha Infotech is an IT Consulting Company based in India, offering Website Design and Development Solutions. Client-focused, customer-centric, creating website solutions that deliver tangible business results, Misha Infotech’s web developers helps brands the ever-changing digital landscape. Get in touch and get started today. We’re ready! As a leading web development firm, we provide experienced consultants, designers, developers, and Marketers, to take your online presence to the next level. We have many Global office locations to support our International Clients.

Services Provided by Misha Infotech:

Website Development, Website Design & Re-design, Drupal Development, Laravel Development, HTML5 Website Development, Responsive Design, eCommerce Development, Mobile App Development, Wearable App Development, Native App Development, UX / UI Interaction, Digital Marketing Services

Key Clients: NTPC, IndianOil, BHEL, Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Kitts Investment Promotion Agency, Satya Web Solutions, S.K.C.C.U, Cease Fire

India, United States11-50Founded: 2011$50-$99/hr. +91-120-4290249

ObjectStyle32. ObjectStyle:

ObjectStyle has been providing custom software solutions of high quality at a good price since 2002. ObjectStyle was founded in the United States and currently has offices in Fairfield, Connecticut (Sales, Consulting, and Support), Minsk, Belarus (Development and QA), and Warsaw, Poland (Sales and Development).

Among ObjectStyle clients are both large enterprises and smaller businesses. We have a proven delivery record of custom-made, personalized solutions that move your business forward.

Services Provided by ObjectStyle:

Software architecture design, Legacy platform redesign, DevOps and continuous delivery, Security and access management, QA and testing, E-commerce and enterprise search

Key Clients:The NHL, ish

USA, Poland, Belarus50-249Founded: 2002$25 – $49/hr. +1-917-304-7896

Grinder33. Grinder Crew:

We are a group of experienced people who believe in great solutions and digital transformation of all aspects of our lives. We work in a multicultural environment of various religions and different gender identities, the main value that makes sense to us is the quality of the delivered product. Our offices are located in Poland & Ukraine.

Services Provided by Grinder Crew:

We are the digital & design laboratory focused on web/app development, design brand identity, art direction, illustration. Our professionals also help other products & companies grow.

Key Clients: McDonald’s, IGT or Roche.

Poland, Ukraine11-50Founded: 2020$25-$49/hr. +38 098 267 20 20


CSHARK is a custom software development, mobile app development and product design company that has the desire to help its clients accomplish more. We work with Tier 1 global banks, FinTech, and RegTech companies, as well as industrial, biotechnology and logistics sector companies, including startups. Together we create robust, scalable solutions that meet the needs of the next generation of end-users. CSHARK employs over 200 people that have experience to partner over the long term, from the first contact, through full product lifecycle development, up to the maintenance support.

Services Provided by CSHARK:

Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Enterprise Software Development, UX/UI Design

Key Clients: Fenergo, regenHU, VecCtor, HTP J-1 Visa Programs

Poland, Canada, Germany101 - 250Founded: 2014$25 – $49/hr. +48 887 733 015

Geeknauts35. Geeknauts:

Geeknauts is a software house based in Poland that specializes in developing user-oriented, scalable cross-platform mobile apps and web apps. We are also providing UX/UI design for your product and hosting services.

We believe that making connection with your users is the most important thing, there’s something magical about it. That is why our main focus is to make your users not only like your product, but also to fall in love with it. Happy users are way more likely to share your app with their friends, don’t they?

Services Provided by Geeknauts:

Mobile apps development, Web apps development, Web pages development, UX/UI design, Hosting services on our high-availability clusters, Full Testing and QA, Product launch solutions, Product growth

Key Clients:, Point B

Poland11-50Founded: 2010$25/hr. +48517151439

Divante36. Divante:

Founded in 2008 in Poland, Divante is a hub of eCommerce solutions. The company has earned a good reputation in just 8 years so much so that it is proud to reveal its income ca. 3 mln EUR (as of 2014) on its official website. At Divante, the team is expert in coalescing technology with business approach. They assist clients in developing and optimizing new sales channels. Having expertise in customized omnichannel and Magento, brands like ING, Plus, Loods5,, Solar have trusted Divante for creating their online stores.

Services provided by Divante:

Over the years, Divante has added great success in their portfolio by serving top brands with B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions, Magento outsourcing and optimization and responsive web design.

Key Clients:

Poland100 – 249Founded: 2008$50 – $99/hr. +48-797-340-458

Elasticsoft37. Elasticsoft:

Elasticsoft is a software development outsourcing company that connects businesses with vetted IT talent. We offer a pool of over 100 experts specializing in software development, UI/UX design, testing & QA, business analysis, project management and DevOps. Our developers cover all modern and reliable technologies: ReactJS, Python, Golang, Angular, Node.js, .NET, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native and more. Each specialist goes through the vetting process to ensure the level of skills and quality of services provided. We believe that flexibility is the key to success. That’s why we try to offer our clients the best solution in terms of the engagement model, budget and timeline.

Services Provided by Elasticsoft:

Web Development, Mobile Development, Software Testing & QA, UI/UX Design, IT Staff Augmentation

Key Clients: Wargaming, Guardian Glass, Weepo, Toonbox

Poland, United Kingdom51-100Founded: 2015$25-$49/hr. +48226022150

Mobitouch38. Mobitouch:

mobitouch is a team of software developers and designers passionate about smart communication. They deliver award-winning solutions in various sectors for some of the most powerful brands, including Microsoft, Isobar, MRM//McCANN, OPTeam, Itaka or Hypermedia.

Their knowledgeable team, focused on accomplishing client’s objectives, use agile methodology to bring memorable customer experience and add greater value to your business. With mobile mindset at heart, mobitouch is a great partner for both funded startups and enterprises.

Services Provided by Mobitouch:

As one of the leading software development companies in Poland, mobitouch provides full stack development that include Native Mobile App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, Custom Web Development as well as UI/IX Design solutions, CMS Development and many more. They maximize your success by following a tried and true process that involves preparation and concept creation, graphic design, development, quality assurance and improvement.

Key Clients:

Poland10 - 49Founded: 2013$25-$49/hr. +48-535-262-125

Visla39. Visla:

Visla delivers tailor-made apps & web products for businesses. We design them with intelligent simplicity. We focus on what’s really most important for your users.

Services Provided by Visla:

iOS development, Android development, web development, UI/UX design

Key Clients: Aer Lingus, Share Rocket, La Millou


Poland11-50Founded: 2016$40-$60/hr. +48 222 085 582

Brights40. Brights:

Brights – digital product agency that will create your project from scratch. Over 7 years of experience made us one of the top design & development agency in Eastern and Western Europe.

Services Provided by Brights:

Web and Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, ICO Development

Key Clients:

Ukraine, Poland 11-50Founded: 2011$30/hr. +380-44-227-42-62

Building attractive, functional, scalable, sales-driven mobile app in Android/iOS is now easier. Mobile app development companies in Poland can bridge all your requirements and ideas to create highly sophisticated and extremely usable mobile applications. These customized apps are scalable and highly performant.

Tracing your business requirement, communicating your ideas and leveraging your potential, Mobile developers in Poland can rapidly prototype and ensure crash-free application development. Their bespoke mobile app development solutions include Android wearable app development, Apple TV/Android TV app development, Apple/Android tablet app development, Android game app development, enterprise android app development. Their experienced team of experts is deployable to oversee the next version of the projects.

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