Which Web Development Trends will dominate in 2021?

Which Web Development Trends will dominate in 2021?

Here is an illustration of the best web development trends in 2021 that will propel the projects in web development companies!

Mobile App Development hasn’t been able to take away the sheen from web development, irrespective of the complexity of development, popularity of mobile apps, businesses wanting to expand, virtual assistants to support 24*7, ease to carry devices in the pocket and some more. Web development will remain the basis of software development complying with the current dynamics. We are illustrating a few trends in web development here that will continue their ripple effect across 2021:

Best Web Development Trends in 2021

Single Page Applications (SPA)

Single Page Applications will remain popular with consumers rushing to extract maximum information in minimal time. SPA’s are not required to be downloaded from the server each time a page loads. This way these are easy on performance saves user’s time and are therefore most popular amongst users. With extensive use of JavaScript SPA’s give instant results and bring the much-required interactivity into the web interface. We find Single Page Applications in everyday use like Gmail, Google Maps, GitHub, Twitter, Trello, Google Services like Drive, Maps, Spreadsheets; and Face book etc. Many advanced admin templates as well as Vue.js/React.js/HTML/PHP can be used to build Single Page Applications.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

These work just in the same way as general mobile applications but the building blocks are web-based, they are not required to be downloaded, are mobile-friendly, and enhance user experience. These can work offline and have less bounce rate. Some major examples are Pinterest, Instagram, Forbes, Smashing Magazine, Twitter, Uber.

Including Artificial Intelligence

Businesses need to show their 24*7 online presence; for them to build trust and make customers take their next steps. AI-based virtual assistants are an effective way to get this idea across. This ensures that the companies know about customers buying behaviour, they get a list of their purchase history, the categories and products they are interested in, what is the probability of second purchase, what items they are going to buy next, which items they are not interested in and likewise. Also, one technology is never sufficient in getting the process across; various techniques, tools, and methods are combined to get the required output. There are various web-based solutions like Sketch2Code that can transform a handwritten user interface to a valid HTML mark-up code.

Web Assembly

Making use of web assembly to fasten the overall development process (programming language gets converted into byte-code and compiles in browser) will make developers get rid of the disadvantages of JavaScript execution which slows the process and dampens user experience. This eases cross-platform scripting, faster code execution, hardware-independent, highly secure.

Searching by Voice Commands

Almost every app has included voice-based search in their processes. It is easy and convenient, in case you’re in transit or do not know the required spelling. But sometimes these bring in some fun too like “Ok Google, eat a five star”; and that puts the app in ‘Do nothing mode’ and it will stop coming up with random search results. Just in case you wish to check if it works – try giving it another command and wait for the reply…it will be a big “No…”. Voice search is easy to implement and use, allows hands-free functioning and a great user experience if used intuitively.

Native Web Apps

Apps are either platform-specific (native) or work across platforms (cross-platform/hybrid). But native app development will enhance web app development trends as they cater to the specialties of a single platform – like device-specific GPS, Camera, Microphone, gallery, email, push notifications etc. Including native functionality in the web application will increase performance, ensure quality through ratings in the app store.

Motion Design UI

Static and motion designs in the user interface help converge major complexities and smoothens the appeal. Adding animations, GIFs, motion graphics do add some appeal – charts, pop-ups, opening envelop with a message, pull-down menu, scrolling, transitions in headers and footers, to add a dash of uniqueness to the overall style. It goes a long way in making an imprint on customers. These animations can help guide customers through the app and make the content easy to understand.

Serverless Architecture

Every company is now going the Amazon way with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud hosting and server-less architecture approach. This makes it easy for applications to run faster. And the development teams no longer require maintaining physical servers or databases to store their data. This approach isn’t new. Major important cloud services have been implemented by AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, IBM OpenWhisk, Alibaba Function Compute, Iron Functions, Auth Webtask, Oracle Fn Project and Kubeless etc., and are being used by companies like Netflix, Amazon, Reuters, America Online, Telenor etc., but now even a bit smaller retail chain networks, data science companies, Aeronautics, Security professionals have started making use of this approach. This reduces any possibility of data loss, chances are that if anything gets deleted, it can be recovered or the action can be revoked. It is easy to deploy, is scalable, can be developed in less budget, is flexible, and strengthens architecture.

Continuous Integration followed by Continuous Deployment

As discussed above, a mix of front end and back end technologies integrate to bring forth a legible solution. Following an agile approach to SDLC helps in detecting errors and integrating required bug fixes at an early stage so that these do not get pushed towards staging or production stages. Continuous integration is followed by continuous deployment and delivery helps in detecting any time elapses, testability to improve performance, meantime to resolution, quick fault isolation, and fast feature introduction.

5G Technology

Developers can get the right indexing from the search engine only if they make their website mobile-friendly. It is important for the website to work on universal codes, to have desktop and mobile versions and also to work offline (along with having access to native device features), all this at optimal performance is possible with 5G networking. This speeds up transmissions, lowers latency, brings connected devices together, enhances capacity, slices the network to include availability and coverage. This technique can be combined with virtual reality, augmented reality and can be used to enhance business performance.


Cryptocurrencies will augment enterprise solutions; however, the measure of transparency cannot be estimated here. These virtual modes of payment will impact enterprises, offer decentralization, security, and distributed ledger. This will particularly be helpful in supply chain management, to check identities, to assure the right quality of data, improving analytics, securing the internet of things.


Vue.js, React.js, Flutter are widely prevalent technologies to develop web applications. MEAN is an open-source javascript software stack that is used to build websites and web-based applications. These can be combined with compatible front-end and back-end frameworks for creating user interfaces, single-page applications, and progressive web applications.

Conclusion: Which web development trend 2021 will be the highlight of 2021?

Web development trends can improve the interface, user experience, the performance of web applications and websites in an amazing way. Implementing one or more of these trends can be helpful for your projects in 2021. Also do let us know if you are looking to partner up with a top web developer in India, get to know the best business deals. Discuss your requirements with us.