Best Open Source Appointment Reminder Software To Organize Your Biz-Meets

Best Open Source Appointment Reminder Software To Organize Your Biz-Meets

Sending reminders, negotiating follow-ups, scheduling meetings, creating new appointments – are pivotal to a successful organizational setup. Analyze how you can go about it!

‘Open-Source Appointment Reminder Software’ helps organizations achieve this but not how to make the meetings better? The easiest, fastest, and most productive way to improve the quality of meetings is to skip them and attend the ones you can make a difference;

Skip Meetings:

  • The ones in which you are not interested, no responsibility, no input, and no decision-making power on the meeting agenda.
  • It’s when the big boss has already decided and wants to let everybody know their decision.
  • The ones that they schedule for 7:00 PM on a Friday.

Attend Meetings:

  • The ones with clear agenda with probable outcomes and inviting only authorized people to make decisions;
  • The ones with – (1) brief notes highlighting major decisions, (2) agreed on actions, (3) with timeline and persons’ responsibilities for follow-up.

So if you’re the host, ascertain how you could inject some productivity in the process, reduce time, and make it meaningful.

Why do you require appointment reminder software?

You require appointment reminder software if you face one or more of these:

  • Frequent appointment re-scheduling
  • Decrease in revenue owning to no meetings
  • Less organization productivity
  • Multiple meetings at the same time leading to a schedule clash

Appointment Reminder Software Features

Basic to advance:

  • These are easy to use
  • High on performance
  • Highly customizable
  • Serves custom use-cases and external system integrations
  • Increases productivity of staff
  • Decrease Front Office Distractions
  • Create Loyal and Engaged employees
  • Reduce the expense of scheduling meetings
  • Application Integrations
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Appointment and Payment Reminders
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Calendar Management
  • Group Bookings
  • Live Reports
  • Mobile Compatibility

What more tasks can you accomplish via Appointment Reminder Software?

  • It eliminates the need for the staff to – (1) schedule, (2) move or (3) cancel an appointment via calls or in-person.
  • It lets the staff focus on important issues.
  • Schedule appointments online.
  • Automatically turns the waiting list into a new meeting.

What kind of software is this?

Free appointment reminder software is a customizable web application that allows customers to book appointments via the web. It provides the ability to synchronize the data with Google Calendar so that organizations can use it with other services. Open-source appointment scheduling software is downloadable and installable for commercial use. Appointments run smoothly with existing websites, as it gets installed in a single folder of the server and both sites can share the same database.

Why is it helpful?

  • Better appointments
  • Cost-effective
  • Lowers overall cost
  • Increases efficiency
  • Handles customer-vendor relationships
  • Communicates the brand image, loyalty and satisfaction directly to the customer

How much does it cost?

If it says free and open-source, you don’t have to pay anything. There are no monthly fees and no commissions on your appointments. Businesses often offer premium services and a free quote to their customers.

How can you install this on your server?

Appointment scheduling software is a web application that needs a web server (Apache or Nginx) with PHP and MySQL to execute it. Follow these steps for a successful installation:

1. Install Apache/Nginx, PHP and MySQL
2. Create a new database (or use an existing one).
3. Copy the’ appointment scheduler software’ source folder on your server.
4. Set your server information to the “config.php” file.
5. Open your web browser and navigate to the installation directory URL.
6. You’re all set.

Are there any premium services?

Best appointment reminder software offers premium services that enhance the scheduling experience of professional installation environments. Such services include – Upgrades, migration, support, customization, and white labelling.

List of the best Open-Source Appointment Reminder Software


Bitrix24 is free and open-source appointment reminder software that allows automated scheduling, calendar management and contact database.

Main Features of Bitrix24

  • Appointment Confirmation;
  • Calendar Management;
  • Appointment and Payment Reminders;
  • Automated Scheduling;
  • Contact Database;
  • Mobile Compatibility;
  • Group Bookings;


Setster is free and open-source appointment reminder software that enables automated scheduling, calendar management, contact database.

Main Features of Setster

  • Calendar Management;
  • Automated Scheduling;
  • Payment and Appointment Reminders;
  • Contact Details;
  • Application Integration;


Bookafy allows employees to – (1) synchronize their schedules, (2) handle double bookings, and (3) schedules again in case of a clash. It stores data on the Azure server, and users require authentication to access sensitive data.

Main Features of Bookafy

  • Appointment Reminders;
  • Application Integrations;
  • Calendar Management;
  • Contact Database;
  • Automated Scheduling;
  • Payment Reminders;
  • Group Bookings;
  • Mobile Compatibility;


Appointfix is a free appointment scheduling software, but it is not open-source. It sets reminders, automates scheduling, manages calendars, contacts databases and generates live reports.

Main Features of Appointfix

  • Integrated with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant;
  • Free and Easy to use;
  • Sends text reminders;
  • Manages your appointments;
  • Offers Online Booking;
  • Schedules Appointments;


Sagenda is a free appointment reminder software, but it is not open-source. It automates scheduling, manages calendars, contacts databases.

Main Features of Sagenda

  • It offers unlimited bookings;
  • It increases the productivity of business free of cost;
  • Each user can schedule the booking;
  • Free booking calendar;


Setmore is a free appointment scheduling software, but it is not open-source. It schedules automatically, contacts databases, and generates live reports.

Main Features of Setmore

  • It takes seconds to schedule a meeting on any device;
  • It allows booking appointments outside your browser
  • Users can use it for free;
  • It comes with a set pricing – a free plan and premium that starts at $9/user/month;
  • Customize your online booking;
  • Create your custom online booking;


10to8 is a free web tool to set appointment reminders, schedules meeting automatically, manage calendars, contacts databases, and generates live reports.

Main Features of 10to8

  • It does not have any hidden costs or obligations;
  • Easy to use;
  • In-house support;
  • Includes 2-way calendar synchronization;
  • Takes customer bookings online;
  • Reduces appointment;
  • Free SMS Reminders;
  • Easy Setup;


Apptoto is a free appointment reminder tool to schedule automatically, manage calendar, contacts database.

Main Features of Apptoto

  • It has a free plan, and the premium starts at $99/month;
  • It is automated appointment messaging;
  • It sends an automated text, voice and email reminders;
  • Reduces administrative tasks;
  • Improves client communication;
  • Offers free trial;
  • Prices start at $29/feature/per month;

In Conclusion

Various businesses like – (1) Wellness Centres, (2) Medical clinics, (3) hospitals, (4) medical practitioners, (5) educational institutions, (6) entertainment, (7) talent acquisition agencies, (8) automobiles service, (9) retail – wedding planners, (10) real estate, (11) banking, (12) fitness and personal trainers, (13) rentals – make use of appointment scheduling software to improve productivity, save on time and resources. This list is illustrative and is scalable. We’ll come up with more similar info bits soon.

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