Growth-hack your business with these marketing tips

Growth-hack your business with these marketing tips

It’s high time when you should start looking into different ways of exploring market possibilities and connecting with your business audiences. This would allow you to delve and connect better with your users as you would be able to establish and command better act of presence and communication through different marketing resources and programs. Here are the tips that should help you plan, penetrate and execute better!

Use a Double-Sided Referral Program

Friend-referrals work 4x in building buying propensity. With a double-sided referral program, you can make it work better and make your company growth explode. This has a hard-hitting impact on building userbase as it drives a bandwagon effect and binds users to connect with a two-sided rewarding referral system.

Best Tool: ReferralCandy

Dropbox Referral Link

Dropbox urging their users to invite a friend. And they will both get a bonus space on cloud!

Utilize Retargeting Ad Tools

Using Retargeting Ad Tools, you can reach customers after they leave, by following them across any device, browser or app. This can accentuate a 1000% rise in brand searches and a 720% increase in visits after 1 month.
This allows you to achieve reduced cost per impression, attain better conversion rates, have improved ROI, precise targeting of customers, and drive cost-effective branding.

Best Tool: AdRoll

Utilize Retargeting Ad Tools

An ecommerce website re-targets its users by pitching a product line relating to a new season!

Leverage 3rd Party Platforms

Using different blogs, directories, apps that have the audiences you are looking to target (based on social demographics, interests, intent etc.) to promote your content, you can gain a great level of exposure. Here you can take help of analytics/reporting systems to help you with your approach. Just like Airbnb allowed its users to auto-post to Craig’s List.

Social Media

3rd party social sites that you can use to reach out to more users.

Connect With Other People’s Audiences

You can tap rich audience bases belonging to other platforms with the help of guest blogging, realizing quality backlinks, connecting with influencers and going with press coverage, resonating your niche of offerings. This way you can exploit well-amplified and qualified prospects assuring you of authentic user visits and conversions.


Utilizing platforms that allow you guest submissions are useful to explore and engage with new users.

Plan contests and offers

By rolling out a well-laid strategy for pulling off contests and offers AppSumo acquired 140,000+ subscribers in a period of 10 months. This approach could help any business operating in any domain to create a user info funnel to help you build your user database. You can try different business growth platforms and marketing apps to propel your reach to prolific sources.

Best Tool:

Plan contests and offers

Flipkart runs a discounted sale targeted to sell their electronics collection.

Send ‘Thanks’ Emails

Sending Thanks Emails is an effective way to track and touch users who haven’t converted into winning customers thorough other attempts. For this you can plan to treat them with free handouts and discounts to extend them thanks for participating in your event or maybe just registering for it. This will help you in making them a good future prospect for your business.

Best Tool: MailChimp


American Airlines sends personalized emails to touch base with its customers.

Create content for your ‘Buyer Journey’

According to a report, 61% people in the US are more likely to go with businesses that contextually connect with their users and deliver personalized content to address their queries and help them make their decisions. Here, you need to work on adopting a 3-step process including – Awareness Stage, Consideration Stage and Decision Stage. In this regard, 30% of Amazon’s sales comes from recommendations as they know how to tap buyer journey at different points.


Upwork outlines how Buying Journey works in the online resource hiring space.

Use Drip Emails for Onboarding

Businesses that know how to automate leads with the help of emails can experience 10% or more rise in revenue in a span of 6-9 months. Which is well followed by a 450% of hike in qualified leads. By using Drip Emails for onboarding you can drive people towards your business goal by sending each person the perfect series of email based on their unique behavior.

Best Tool: DripEmails

Drip Emails for onboarding

The Drip Email campaign should be designed to best suit your communication needs with apt business pitch and marketing tactics

Send Custom Abandonment Email

As per a latest research, about 68% of online stores are abandoned at the first attempt as users get distracted because of different commotions and large number of choices in the ecommerce space. But that’s not end of it. You can bring them back to you by sending them strategically planned reminders and alerts to prompt a reconnection. The best part, the tools like AbandonAid that support data churning and conversion needs by sending custom abandonment emails, can be flawlessly integrated with different cart platforms like Magento, Shopify, Prestashop to get best results from it.

Best Tool: AbandonAid


A custom abandonment email to a user by aiming to reinforce user-engagement and trigger next set of communication

Exploit Invite Based Rewards

When Gmail started, it used to allow users to join through invites. This idea led to a significant rise in popularity for the Google’s Emailing service and it went viral to replace leading services. In another instance, Harry’s (grooming services) generated 10,000 leads in a time of just 10 days by getting users to share their products with their friends through social media.

As per marketers this is a powerful organic model to amplify your word of mouth and connect with the users with strong star-networking.

Best Tool: ReferralCandy


This is how Harry’s applied its one-to-one invite model and reaped a great response from users



“Expect these growth-hacks to be the definitive most marketing and sales practices to design a powerful program to effectively reach and acquire your online users.”