Here’s How to Build Big Data-Driven Backend for iOS App

Here’s How to Build Big Data-Driven Backend for iOS App

Data is a powerful tool for businesses to create growth plans, devise better marketing strategies and target right audiences at the right time. With mobile apps widely used and deployed by businesses globally, the data produced has grown by leaps and bounds. This asks companies to consider Big Data analytics for improved analysis and expansion possibilities.

With mobile, businesses grow beyond geographical boundaries, an increase in the number of employees and customers is recorded, which collectively produces massive data. This loads the backend of an app with numerous records, fields and tabs. A useful and desirable entity for companies to gain an edge over their rivals, this data needs to be analyzed and processed for predicting trends and strategies that are likely to work.

Tips for iPhone app developers to creating Big Data-driven backend

With the flurry of mobile apps lately, it has been a major concern for companies to address and manage data on the premises. The problems like storage capacity, scalability and cost of maintaining the infrastructure for the same have troubled organizations. As a result, many companies opted for cloud technology and invested in cloud computing to conquer such issues. While this data gets stored in the cloud, it then asks for comprehensive analysis to produce valuable insights.

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Here we present some tips for iPhone app developers to creating Big Data-driven backend that will not only help in managing the enterprise data efficiently but will also help in producing useful business-oriented insights.

Advanced data management capabilities

Data is growing every day and to handle it, companies require advanced infrastructure and modern mechanism. Organizations can perform extensive data analysis when it is manageable and stored in a structured format. Setting up the infrastructure for data handling and analysis is expensive; however, the need of the hour is to have economical, safe and efficient computing services. Cloud is the answer to all the data handling challenges. It is extremely secure, accessible anywhere and works on as-you-go-by procedure, which means you are not required to purchase an entire server for data storage instead a space on it will do the needful.

Real-time data analytics

To have an edge over your competitors, you, as an organization,have to be inventive and innovative. Analytics is essential for an organization but real-time analytics help you stand apart. Big Data backend lets you analyze datasets in a flash, which plays a vital role in making quick yet wise decisions.

Real-time query system with inbuilt data analytics functionality is something that can take your business to new heights. It is one of the interactive as well as incremental ways of accomplishing goals while grabbing a profitable piece of the pie.

Room for flexibility

The mobile world is flourishing at a rapid pace and the techniques are being transformed quickly too. At times, it becomes hard for developers to cope up with the changing market demands. As a result, companies have to deal with concerns that are not only unavoidable but ask for dead investments. The elasticity is absolutely zero in case of current procedures whereas if you consider cloud and modern ways of operations, the flexibility quotient is immense. You, as a business owner, can scale according to your needs and invest only in the resources that are important to your business needs at that particular instant. Addressing concerns and acting towards the same is smooth for business owners with the cloud.

Mobile is omnipresent now whether it’s personal or professional. A recent stat says that there are around 2.2 million Apple users across the globe. This means there is a lot of data that is being fed by the users to the Internet or being consumed by them in respect to their personal and professional needs. The mobile world can also be regarded as the world of both structured and unstructured data, which is required to be analyzed for actionable insights and decision making.

A mobile device is one of the vital sources of determining user’s interests, past and present behavior and needs. Once determined, it is required to be analyzed in real-time for playing the marketing game smarter and also using the information for refining future marketing strategies.

Top iPhone app development companies can be your partner in gaining such insights from the word go. So, make sure that you research well before choosing one as your development and analytics partner.