Internet of Things to Impact Big In 2018

Internet of Things to Impact Big In 2018

When people talk about “THE NEXT BIG UPDATE”, they never think that big enough. It’s not due to lack of imagination, it’s just the lack of observation.

If we talk about technology in 2018, I see new ideas being reintroduced with new brainstorming mindset. If I have to do anything with it, Internet of Things (IoT) will definitely show its prominence in next 12 to 18 months of time. IoT means different scope of reach for different industries/people according to their needs. Intelligence, Sensors, Electronics, Actuators, Software, Energy, Connectivity, Machines and Security all combine together to form IoT. IoT basically shows us the emerging future of technology and massive updates in the field of technology. The work will be quite easier, which means the work will be done even before you think about it.

Internet of Things (IoT) basically consists of sensors and machines. Sensors are the indispensable enablers of Internet of Things. The work of sensors is to collect different type of data depending on the needs all around the world and transfer it to the machines. This data is further analyzed and automated tasks are carried out based on the data according to the conditions. There are a ton of new upcoming updates for changing lifestyle, it’s not just saving time, money or energy, its big and huge and if we consider all the upcoming technological updates, then IoT would be the biggest one of them.

Let’s take an overview on the major updates that we would see in 2018 related to IoT.

Smart Healthcare:

Smart HealthcareWith smart technology comes smart health. As Hospitals and clinics face a ton of patients who need care, the new networked gadgets and technology which can remind patients for their medicines, can indicate their blood pressure rate, heart rate, temperature and Fitness habits. It can also alert them for when to exercise or when the blood pressure levels are too high and many more. This will reduce the amount of people coming to hospitals and also patients can stay and complete their treatment at home.


Smart Home:

Smart HomeBeing a myth few years ago, smart homes will soon become reality. There is no end for possibilities and it will make our lives easier, convenient and comfortable. The reality is just a click away, homes can be controlled in all aspects like security, energy use, lightning, temperature control, HVAC and many more things right from our smartphones with greater convenience. In a simpler way, homes will start to communicate with the smartphones.


Smart Factories:

Smart FactoriesThe involvement of Smart Machines, Sensors, Artificial Intelligence and greater technology strength has totally converted the manufacturing industries into a completely new thing. Due to IoT, the internetworking between the physical items or machines, the software and their connectivity, has taken us to the fourth industrial revolution. IoT in the factories can bring out various benefits like increase in the production rate, speed, efficiency and quality. Sensors can control the machines to work efficiently, temperature control, lightning, usage of power and consumption of time.

Drawbacks of IoT:

Along with the Advantages there is also a Disadvantage of IoT. With the increasing technology, the risk of losing privacy increases. IoT transmits all your private and business data which can be hacked and changed. For example, what if someone hacks your home security and keeps an eye on you or hack your business profile to know your financial status. Everything about your Public Sector like water supply or transport, Private life, Business Field, Industrial Sector and many other things which are directly connected to internet and a ton of information is available on it which is prone to be hacked and accessed by anyone in public illegally.