Know the Free and Open-Source PDF Software that Stands Out

Know the Free and Open-Source PDF Software that Stands Out

ITfirms bring out a precise introduction to PDF Software and the vast potential in brings into text editing!

The portable data format (PDF) files are preferred due to their small sizes. It makes sharing files across easy. Text documents and images can be converted into .pdf and shared in less time. It preserves the quality of the formatting of the document. Hope this guide helps you choose the right editor for your business requirements.

What is Open Source PDF Editor & Software?

The best PDF editors at a glance: One of the premier open-source PDF editors is adobe acrobat Pro DC. One of the simplest editors available for Windows is Microsoft Word. For universal compatibility across devices, Google PDF Viewer is also available. The best alternative to Adobe Acrobat is PDF Architect 7. One of the most secure PDF editors is iSkysoft PDF Editor. One of the best free PDF editors is Sejda PDF Editor. One of the expert PDF Editor web apps is PDFescape.

What are the features of open source PDF Converted?

Expert PDF Creator software is required to work in the following ways:

  • To modify and redefine document outlines
  • Make modifications to the rubber stamps
  • Make modifications to the annotation comments
  • Modify text annotations
  • They have a tool to highlight, insert images, and insert text
  • An open-source PDF creator can modify document security
  • Open source lightweight PDF Reader software can save optimized documents
  • Expert pdf editor online can extract document pages
  • Best PDF Editor Online can link annotations, attach or modify annotations, modify document images
  • Open-source PDF software can be used for vector drawings, apply transformations such as scale, rotate to any object etc.
  • View and print PDF Files
  • Annotate with comments
  • PDF Converter Software can annotate with comments
  • PDF editing tools can be used to manipulate PDF files, bookmark editing and vector drawing editing of text or images
  • These come with a familiar and customizable interface

Types of PDF Software

  • PDF viewers are essential tools for reading and printing PDF files. Although they do not have advanced editing capabilities, they provide a simple and easy-to-use interface for viewing PDF files. Some of the most popular PDF viewers include Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Foxit Reader, and Sumatra PDF.
  • PDF editors are powerful tools that allow users to make changes to existing PDF files. They offer advanced editing capabilities, including adding or removing text, images, and other content. Some of the most popular PDF editors include Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Nitro Pro, and Foxit PhantomPDF.
  • PDF converters are great tools for converting files from other formats to PDF, or from PDF to other formats. They allow users to convert Microsoft Word or Excel files to PDF, making them easier to share and store. Some of the most popular PDF converters include Adobe Acrobat DC, Nitro Pro, and Wondershare PDF Converter.
  • PDF form fillers are useful tools that allow users to fill in and submit PDF forms electronically. They provide an easy and convenient way for users to complete forms without having to print and scan them. Some of the most popular PDF form fillers include Adobe Fill & Sign, Nitro Pro, and Foxit Reader.
  • PDF compressors are essential tools for reducing the size of PDF files. They allow users to compress large PDF files, making them easier to share and store. Some of the most popular PDF compressors include Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, PDF Compressor, and NXPowerLite.
  • PDF security tools are essential for adding security features to PDF files. They allow users to add password protection or digital signatures to PDF files, ensuring that they are secure and protected from unauthorized access. Some of the most popular PDF security tools include Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Nitro Pro, and Foxit PhantomPDF.

Examples of best open source PDF Editors

There is multiple software available across that accomplish similar outcome pretty much. Here is an illustrative listing of some of the best free PDF Reader Software for Windows and Mac: Foxit Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Javelin PDF Reader, Google Drive.

Let’s have a look at list of the Best Free Open Source PDF Editor:

PDFSam Basic

Free and Open-Source

PDFSam Basic is a free and open-source desktop application that allows users to split, merge, and rearrange PDF documents. It supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. With its intuitive user interface, users can easily perform various PDF operations and customize them to their specific needs. Additionally, PDFSam Basic also provides advanced features such as password protection, bookmarks, and metadata editing. Overall, PDFSam Basic is a useful tool for anyone who frequently works with PDF files.

Nitro Pro

PDF, eSign and analytics for all industries

Nitro Pro is a powerful PDF editing software that allows users to create, edit, and convert PDF files with ease. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Nitro Pro enables users to modify text, images, and pages, as well as add comments, annotations, and digital signatures. The software also supports collaboration tools, cloud integration, and OCR technology for accurate text recognition. Furthermore, Nitro Pro offers a secure and efficient way to manage and share PDF documents for individuals and businesses alike.


Free and Open-Source

PDFCreator is a tool secure modify the documents, restrict or allow accessing PDFs, restrict printing without proper authentication, modify the document with up to 256 bit AES encryption. You may convert your documents to PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF and many more formats. PDFCreator can also enable you to create multiple documents to one file. It has profiles that make use of settings with one click. It also makes use of automatic savings to have an automated PDF printer. It makes the PDF conversion process easy.

Apache OpenOffice

Free and Open-Source

Open Office is a fully-featured word processor. It has a powerful navigator, stylist tools to do the formatting. It offers fully-fledged spreadsheet functionality with a huge number of statistical and scientific functions, various charts, and pivot tables. It also handles custom properties, embeds standard PDF fonts, caters to a narrow font family, increased document protection and uses automatic decimal digits. It has nearly 1 million rows in a spreadsheet, new options for CSV, can insert drawing objects, labels charts hierarchically, and has an improved slide layout handling, it supports databases, supports read-only database registrations, make it easier to use print interface, has a common search toolbar, options to change case, well-built thesaurus, has an option to reset the text to the default language in the writer, has text rendering of forms, changed defaults for charts, has coloured sheet tabs, sort dialogue, adapt to market selection for filter area, display custom names for items, DataPilot fields and totals, Internationalization.

LibreOffice Draw

Free and Open-Source

LibreOffice Draw is a free and open-source PDF editing software that allows users to create and edit vector graphics, diagrams, and flowcharts. With its comprehensive set of tools and features, users can also import and export PDF files and edit their contents, including text, images, and shapes. Additionally, LibreOffice Draw is cross-platform and compatible with various file formats, making it a flexible choice for individuals and businesses. With its intuitive interface and extensive documentation, LibreOffice Draw is an ideal choice for users who need a robust PDF editor without the cost of proprietary software.


Library, Free + Open-Source PDF Editor for UNIX

PDFedit is a free and open-source desktop application designed for editing PDF documents on Windows and Linux platforms. It provides a wide range of features such as editing text, images, and pages, as well as adding and removing bookmarks and annotations. PDFedit also supports multiple languages and has an intuitive user interface, making it easy for users to modify PDF files. Although it is not as comprehensive as some other commercial PDF editors, PDFedit is a great option for basic PDF editing needs.


Free and Open-Source

PDFlite is a free PDF reader and converter that is lightweight and easy to use. It allows users to view, print, and convert PDF files to other formats such as BMP, JPG, and TIFF. With its minimalistic design and straightforward interface, PDFlite is an ideal choice for users who need a basic PDF reader without unnecessary features or bloatware. Furthermore, PDFlite is compatible with Windows operating systems and supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Sumatra PDF

Free and Open-Source

Sumatra PDF is a PDF, ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ, CBR reader for Windows. It is a small, portable, smart option to convert files of all types into a portable data format (PDF). It is simple and allows customizations. It is a commercial product but doesn’t take your resources with useless UI.

Acrobat Reader DC

Acrobat Reader DC helps open, read, edit and print PDF’s and fill out PDF forms. It helps convert a document to a PDF, perform any complex tasks, consider purchasing or subscribing to Adobe document Cloud PDF services or Acrobat DC. It also helps convert Word/PPT/JPG to PDF online. It makes use of action wizards, meets ISO standards, creates PDF’s and verifies accessibility in few easy steps.

  • Convert PDF: Print to PDF, HTML to PDF, PDF to JPG, PDF to Excel, PDF to JPG, PDF to Word, JPG to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, Word to PDF, Convert to PDF;
  • Edit PDF: Edit PDF, Add Comment, Recognize Text, Combine Files, Reorder Pages, Delete Pages, Rotate Pages, Crop Pages, Split PDF;
  • Share: Share, Send for Comments, Protect PDF, Unlock, Compare Files.
  • Sign: Request Signatures, Fill & Sign, Prepare a Form
  • Mobile apps: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Scan
  • Plus, it offers a free trial.

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Hope this listing helps you out with selecting the best free open source PDF editor. Let us know your comments write here now at [email protected] if you would like us to add something to this listing!