8 Best Open Source Animation Software Tools

8 Best Open Source Animation Software Tools

Animated videos are a core part of content marketing, let alone the free open-source animation software tools help bestir the marketing and promotion, the passage reads as follows!

Animated videos come in an easy-to-digest format, much as a reliever from the overabundance of textual information available online. Most of the consumers always want to see more video content from big brands or the businesses they support. But putting out video content in there has its repercussions. Some handy free tools do help you save up some time, increase organic traffic, with marked growth in revenue, and increase landing page conversions. Video content can be Brand/Culture Videos, Video Blogs (VBlogs), Instructional Videos, Webinars. Nevertheless, human brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text. They enhance the emotional connection with viewers. But there are equal chances that you could be developing some sort of addictions that could hurt your brain.

Free Open-Source Animation Software Tools help create motion videos from cartoon structures or inanimate objects. These allow adding multiple effects like stop motion, motion capture, augmented reality, tweening, rotoscoping, VFX and Simulation. Animations involve two dimensions (2D) three dimensions (3D), Clay Mation, Cel Animation and Paint-On-Glass Animation.

Here is a list of best animation software tools (open-source) – in no particular order:


It features Rendering, Modelling, Animation, VFX, Simulation, Pipeline, Game Creation, Video Editing, Scripting and Customization. It is an advanced animation software tool, completely free to use. It can be used to create an array of animations and simulations for movies/games.

Synfig Studio

It features Vector Tweening, Layers and Filters, Bones, Animation, Bitmap Artwork and Advanced Controls. It is best used to animate cartoons and comics. It is two-dimensional animation software but can as well enable minor 3D aesthetic to the animation. While it focuses on Tweening, and Bitmap Art frame, it enables minor tweaking of colour bits. It’s a complete package for 2D animators.

Pencil 2D

It features Minimal Design, Raster and Vector workflows, Cross-platforms, Hand Drawn Animation and Bitmap Artwork. It is useful for creating intricate animation and hand-drawn animations and then animate it frame by frame along with adding real vectors to it.


It features Powerful Drawing Tools, Indexed Colour Palettes, Effects and Compositing, Frame-by-frame Animation, Motion Tweening and Tracking, Scripting and Particle Systems. It helps in scaling and modelling of animation features. It can efficiently handle frame-by-frame animation along with tweening, tracking and scripting. It also has particle systems that help in a minute and intricate animation tweaks.

Maefloresta Tupitube

It features Rotoscoping, Stop Motion, Frame-by-frame Animation, Cut-out Animation, Hand-Drawn Animation and Virtual Assist. This tool is popular among kids, students, teachers and is good enough for creating simplistic design and UI, cut-out animation, rotoscoping and stop-motion animation.


It features Image Manipulation Program, 2D Animation, Frame-by-frame animation, Simplistic UI, Hand-drawn animation and Basic Animation Program. GNU Image Manipulation Program works like Adobe Photoshop and is used to animate hand-drawn 2D figures and drawings. It also provides frame-by-frame editing and composition.


It features Compact UI, Brush Stabilizers, Brush Engines, Resource Manager, Pop-up palette, Wrap-around mode, Drawing assistant, Mirroring tools and OpenGL Enhanced. It is an open-source painting software, fully OpenGL enhanced which helps in drafting graphics for bigger projects.

Adobe Animate

It is a free animation software that helps design interactive vector and bitmap animations. It supports export to HTML5 Canvas, Flash/Adobe WebGL, SVG, and AIR. It has powerful toolset for animation that lets users create apps, multimedia content, and ads. It can be used to build game environments, integrate audio, and design start screens and interfaces. It has a simple frame-by-frame animation, and users can code right inside the projects. It features Asset Sculpting, Layer Control, Auto Lip-Sync, VR Authoring and Publishing. It saves Animate documents (FLAs and XFLs) incrementally. It comes with a quick auto-recovery mode. It helps to export images with the right resolution. It enhances asset warping. It optimizes text atlas outputs, generates multiple bitmaps and retains the audio effects when you split the audio, which is imported. This tool can also be used to create secure AMP-based ads and blend modes applied at the layer or frame level.


AutoCAD is a 2D and 3D design and drafting platform that offer 3D modeling and visualization capabilities in addition to 2D drafting, drawing, and annotation tools. Additionally, AutoCAD allows users to view, create, modify, and share drawings using any smartphone or tablet while on the road. The tool is majorly used by architects, engineers, construction specialists, field personnel, and contractors. Along with photorealistic rendering, 3D scanning, point clouds, and more, users may manage solid, surface, and mesh modeling, 3D navigation, and visual styles with the help of 3D modeling and visualization tools.


The online visual design platform VistaCreate (formerly known as Crello) provides a large selection of pre-made templates along with tools for modifying images and photos. A collection of 1 million+ royalty-free photos, movies, and vectors as well as 100,000+ editable design templates are included with the VistaCreate Starter subscription. Pro customers also have access to a premium template collection and over 70 million royalty-free images and videos. Users can use pre-made templates in various formats to generate graphics for events, branding, marketing, and advertising.


RenderForest is an animation software that helps users make explainer animations, slideshows, video CVs, music visualizations, promo videos, and intros all in the cloud. All you have to do is look through their extensive collection of video templates, select your favorite from dozens of categories, and begin editing online. Using their tools and cloud storage, the entire editing process is completed online. You can play with text and color schemes, as well as upload pictures and videos.

Selecting Best Open Source Animation Software

Watching a video can be pleasurable, as it does not require active participation, so it doesn’t take up as much energy for the brain to process. It is best for sharing personal stories about your company, history and brand; to form an emotional connection with the viewer and to show how to do something. The animation is as well treated as a primary element in content creation in the modern world. The animation tools discussed here are free open-source animation software and widely used to create VFX animations.

Top FAQs – Open Source Animation Software Tools

What is an Animation software tool?

Animation software are computer-aided tools that allow people to build motion graphics, moving images, and 3D models. These tools are used by designers and artists to build their animated videos on budget. Notably, the tools can be integrated with other third party tools like editing and drawing software.

What is the best animation software in the market?

There are several tools in the market and the best animation software depends upon your project requirement. Some of the best tools include –

  • Blender
  • Pencil 2D
  • Open Toonz
  • Adobe Animate
  • AutoCAD
  • VistaCreate

What are the top features of the best animation software tools?

Some of the must-have features of animation software tools to look for include animations, transitions, templates, rendering, 2D/3D modeling, content library, media imports, templates, drawing tools, audio editing, and video/image editing.