Top 10 AngularJS Frameworks Modifying Web Application Development

Top 10 AngularJS Frameworks Modifying Web Application Development

Selecting a technology stack is the most important thing for a startup business to consider before web application development and that provides the most strike for the buck to get their projects off the ground.

A right technology stack or the correct selection of a development framework can essentially lead your project towards success. It’s not necessary that tech stack used by your competitor will suit your project well. Nor will this approach work equally well for all projects. Even if you have a strong background in web development then also it is possible that you might have to adopt a different approach or might have to make the changes at a later stage of development process.

Your web applications can be simple, mid-level or complex and they can be bespoken to process heavy loads and might have low latency or rotational response time.


The Ionic framework allows you to build amazing apps in one codebase, for any random platform, with the web. It is a perfect solution for building responsive websites. It makes use of Angular JS for creating frontend and a treat for smartphone users. Wrapped with Cordova and PhoneGap, it is used to create default mobile App UI functionalities easily and efficiently.


Based on Google Material Design it is being used by top AngularJS development companies and is one of the finest UI development framework. It helps in designing beautiful applications quickly and efficiently. Lumx will enable you to create customized web applications with Sass, AngularJS, Jquery, Bourbon, Neat and will eventually optimize the files and improve the functionality of the apps.


Better known as the only hybrid app first UI framework, Supersonic UI is a library consisting of web components, CSS, and JavaScript that you can use with a desirable framework. It is also called as a framework agnostic. It comes integrated with AngularJS, it also helps in simplifying HTML5 apps. Supersonic is constructed in a way such that it works with AppGyver’s native wrapper and thus most of the API’s will not function in a Vanilla Cordova App or mobile website. It allows us to write HTML along with CSS components, or use web components that map your HTML to fully native interfaces and access native API’s with more ease than ever.

Mobile Angular UI

Users of Twitter Bootstrap and Angular JS are already familiar with Mobile Angular UI. It empowers you to create HTML 5 mobile apps with Bootstrap and Angular JS. It will provide you with some really awesome mobile components like switches, sidebars, scrollable areas. It does not have any fat bootstrap js or any kind of dependency on Angular JS. And above everything, with retention of Bootstrap 3 syntax, Mobile Angular JS can easily bring an existing desktop web app to mobile.

Angular UI Bootstrap

These are essentially bootstrap components written in Angular js by Angular UI Team. It consists of native Angular JS directives that are based on Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS etc. With 14 star rating on GitHub, it is much more popular than Angular UI Bootstrap.

Suave UI

Particularly designed for web applications designed in Angular JS, Suave UI consists of CSS definition, services, and directives that help build UI quick and efficiently.

It is a friendly and fun full-stack JavaScript development framework. Mean essentially stands for MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and nodeJS. You can simply get MEAN by running following code:

 $ git clone
$ cd mean
$ npm install && npm start

Angular Foundation

Better known as Angular Directives for foundation 6, this framework confers features of some advanced frameworks and also offers some functional directives like HTML and CSS markups along with a few components.


It is an end to end test framework for Angular and Angular JS applications. Protractor tests like a user support angular specific locator strategies and even automatically executes the next step in the test as soon as the webpage finishes up with its pending tasks.


This framework will give you futuristic web applications with Angular JS. It is essentially a video application framework for desktop and mobile powered by AngularJS. With cue point system, bindable properties, plugins and themes, and support for mobiles Videogular have some more features that make it suitable for web application development.

Final Remarks

When it comes to web development, Angular JS and JavaScript based frameworks are best suited and loved by top AngularJS development companies to get apps up and running quickly. Being one of the most popular scripting language JavaScript along with AngularJS make the best combination for building robust UI applications.