3 Tips to Create a Profitable Carpooling App like Waze

3 Tips to Create a Profitable Carpooling App like Waze

Having vehicle of your own is good, but what if you don’t own it? In such a scenario, if you find a car that is going in the same direction will be ameliorative. Carpooling is proving to be an easy option for saving cost, time and finding new friends.

With the onset of summer, pertinacious travelers feel crumples in their stomach and a burning desire to make a trip for pleasure, apart from work. From making your travel convenient to saving fuel energy, reducing traffic congestion, cutting down pollution, carpooling enhances your health prospects and make your trip pleasurable. Have an idea, convert it into the app.

Carpooling Application – How does it work?

Carpooling application allows a person to share the spare seats in his car on her route online and connect with a person heading, in the same way using various route matching algorithms. Seekers can request a ride, and if accepted by the pooler, it will direct them to pick-up point determined by the app. Once the ride is complete, a cashless payment process is initiated through wallets or cash cards. This further eases the process and avoids the hassles of changes. The overall process is quite elementary and allows a convenient way of traveling.

Many apprehensions revolve around cab pooling and are not difficult to comprehend. People largely treat cab pooling as private vehicles and do not feel easy to share it with other people. Existing companies in car-pooling have been unable to remove the ambiguity of peer-to-peer ridesharing or have not been able to make its rider friendly.

A Weighted Strategy To Build Carpooling Apps

Carpooling is a unique peer to peer ride sharing way that helps you share empty seats in your car with other travelers in exchange for money. If you wish to create a ride-sharing app then you need to create a safe platform by building a closed network of poolers and riders. Trust is the focal point to build carpooling apps by best mobile app development companies India. It becomes important for any ridesharing app to create a closed knit group of users whose backgrounds are verified on multiple grounds. This reduces the possibility of unpleasant encounters substantially, thus fostering an atmosphere of mutual trust.

  • Users who wish to go for carpooling ride must be asked to verify their organization affiliation first by submitting their corporate email addresses. This makes it easier for ridesharing companies to track down individuals in case of any untoward incident. Social media profiles of users help them discover mutual friends and to have a background check about their credibility.
  • You can accustom your carpooling app to allow a female-only option, which will connect female drivers with ride-seekers.
  • Top mobile application development companies make it a point to provide an option of SOS contacts in their carpooling app (apart from their registered contacts), where they can get a real-time update on a user’s whereabouts through SMS and phone call.
  • The feedback from riders and poolers will reflect how much they trust your carpooling app.
  • Although policies and regulations for carpooling are not well defined, you must follow legal guidelines that govern ridesharing apps in India, in addition to background criminal checks on all drivers, along with maintaining 24/7 call centers.
  • According to section 66 of Motor Vehicles Act, private car owners are not allowed to ferry passengers for monetary benefits. Sharing of costs or price pooling is encouraged between riders and poolers, but making a business out of it is a punishable offense.

What 3 Things Would You Pick up from Carpooling Apps like Waze?

Before creating unnecessary hype around and imagining all sorts of things, it is important to know preferences of your customer and be ready to fulfill their demands. Just consider following three points before clopping to build carpooling apps.

  • Be Customer Oriented
  • Be Cost Effective
  • Be Ready To Give Free Trial Rides

Your customer is the king and you must divert all your efforts in providing them a comfortable and convenient ride. It has to be efficient and cost-effective if you want them to become your regular customers.

Make a community forum, respond to customer’s queries in real time, set up a 24/7 call support and seek for their feedback and comments. Remember, the customers always prefer to go with the riders who are available on demand at even unusual hours and those who stand the test of time. If you demand cost, you have to be upright with your solutions to be stable in long run.

Notwithstanding the fact, that discounts count big and anything that is free always grasps a user’s attention at first place. So it is always appreciable if you provide your services at a discounted price to your regular commuters.