Top 10 Push Notifications Platforms for iOS and Android

Top 10 Push Notifications Platforms for iOS and Android

Push notifications for iOS and Android have helped businesses to improve app’s retention rate and engagement. It has been observed that users interact more with push notifications than traditional text and email messages. They have changed the way marketers target the audience, create marketing strategies and deliver intended information to the end-users.

Push notifications capabilities are immense and yet to be discovered on a wider scale. It can be your business’s growth hacking tool, can attract new customers to use your services or buy products, can be your revolutionary marketing medium to transmit information like deals, coupons, new updates. In addition to this,  a push notification can also tell your users about an upcoming launch of a service or a product and offer much more to your business on a whole.

With the increasing popularity and use of push notifications, there has been a flurry of new push notifications platforms that offer professional services at reasonable pricing tailored ideally to your interests and needs.

There can’t be one best service provider in the domain while there can be many with exceptional services and utmost customer satisfaction rate. We have listed the most popular and reliable push notifications platforms that even the top Android and iOS app development companies rely on.

Popular Push Notifications Platforms for iOS and Android

Mobile developers prefer this platform for push notifications because of its simple and extremely easy-to-use interface. It doesn’t trouble developers during integration and offers features like Rich Messaging, Behavioral Triggering and Personalization. It also offers actionable insights for automating marketing and re-targeting campaigns. It comes with cross-channel capabilities that enhance the experience even further.

Cost– $1,000 to $4,000 per month


You can bank on OneSignal’s cross-platform push notifications delivery. It is free of charge. OneSignal offers features like real-time tracking, automatic delivery, segmentation targeting, A/B test messages and most importantly, it is scalable. Despite being free, there are premium support options, clarity on which can be enquired at their official website.


Kumulos stands out on this list because in addition to marketers, it allows your clients to create, control, measure and manage branded push notifications campaigns. This helps you to stay close to your clients and generate more revenues. Key features include easy-to-use branded push notifications portal, automated geolocation campaigns, segment targeting, useful reports, iBeacon support and more.

There is a free trial to get you started.

Cost– Starts as low as $50 per app per month


It is one of those push notifications platforms that the top app development companies prefer. It helps you draw more users via push messages based on user behavior and interests. Localytics measures results effectively and enables you to create in-app messaging campaigns.

Cost– Available on request


It is a powerful in-app messaging platform that drives new users to your app instantly. Push notifications offered by PushBots are not just for the mobile app but are also compatible with all browsers. Its key features are engagement charts, summary, analysis, message scheduling, automation and reporting. Plus, it is easy to install and use and hardly takes ten minutes to get you going.

Cost– Basic plan is free. Plans can be upgraded to $49 per month to $499 per month


Kahuna is an effective cross-channel marketing medium to attract users to use your app. It is highly effective when it comes recognizing the current state of users in accordance with their app usage. It identifies new users, most active users and the ones who do not use the app at all. Based on the gathered data, Kahuna allows you to customize your push messages and interact individually with your users.

Cost– Available on request


‘Mobile optimization made simple’ is what the main banner at Taplytics’ website read and yes, this is one of the best push notifications platforms for Android and iOS. It offers features like visual A/B testing, tailored marketing campaigns with goal setting, real-time changes and analytics and more.

Cost– Basic pack is free. Enterprise plans are available on demand


PushWoosh allows you to push messages with rich media that includes high-quality images, videos, call-to-action buttons. The company works well with 21 different mobile platforms and web browsers.

Cost– Free basic version while premium packs range from $49.95 per month to $499.95 per month

Urban Airship

Offering a free plan to start with, it is one of the leading push notifications platforms on the market. Its offering list includes multi-channel messaging, unified customer profiles and predictive insights. Urban Airship has a strong clientele including Adidas, AccuWeather, Zillow, Jet Airways and NBC News, which is plenty to depict its capability and mettle.

Cost– Basic pack is free while premium packs range from $99 per month to $349 per month


This platform is one-of-its-kind. Catapush offers a two-way service that enables replies to push messages. This means businesses can interact with their customers through chat more effectively than ever. Further, it offers features like push personalization, in-app messaging and delivery status tracking.

Cost– For first 100 devices, it is free. For first 1000, charges are $21.14 per month and for  the first 20,000 devices, the figure goes up to $338.18 per month