Top JavaScript Frameworks to Consider for Next Web Development Project

Top JavaScript Frameworks to Consider for Next Web Development Project

Although a vast number of JavaScript Frameworks scattered across the web repositories look more like a brady-bunch episode, a percent point turns out to be a panacea to a web issue!

Whose news is it, anyway? A JavaScript framework is a model for creating an application. These vary according to the scope and requirement of the application to be developed. JavaScript library has a set of pre-written JavaScript functions that can be called from its parent code. JS framework differs from a JS library in its control flow; these include the entire design of the application. JS frameworks are made up by bunching together various JS libraries that provide developers with pre-written JS code to use for routine programming features and tasks – a model to build websites or web applications. Almost every JavaScript framework works more or less in the same way. But here are a chosen few which have been massively appreciated.

When should a particular JS framework be used?

Amongst a list of frameworks available, what is the deciding factor that helps users (developers) to select a particular framework? Some make use of mainstream frameworks like Angular, React and Ember etc, while others look into a framework search engine – microjs, to get to know what they need for the particular application.

Listing Out Top 5 JavaScript Development Frameworks

Angular 4

Angular 4AngularJS initially released 8 years ago in 2010 by Google is one of the premier JS framework for web development. Available as an open-source front-end web framework on, it is suitable for developing single-page applications. It complements Apache Cordova and is thus suitable for developing cross-platform apps. It eases tasks of both developers and testers by providing a framework for both client-side MVC and MVVM along with components commonly used in a rich internet application. Two-way data binding, DOM manipulation, Improved server performance, Faster application prototyping, Responsive web, Highly testable products, The MVVM architecture, Use of directives, plain HTML templates, and fast development are some of the major advantages that come with AngularJS.


ReactJSReactJS initially released 5 years ago by Jordan Walke is another premier JS framework for web development. Maintained by Facebook and the community of individual developers, it is suitable for creating single-page web or mobile applications. It often requires the help of additional libraries for routing, state management and interaction with an API. Available on, it is an open-source framework that enables Android, iOS and UWP development and builds improved user-interfaces.


Meteor.jsMeteor or MeteorJS initially released 7 years ago (as of Feb 2019) is a free, open-source isomorphic JavaScript web framework that is primarily written using Node.JS. It is basically used to write applications for cross-platform apps, more commonly in production websites.


EmberJSEmber.JS initially released 7 years ago (as of February 2019), is an open-source JavaScript web framework that is based on Model-view-view-model (MVVM) pattern. Originated by Yehuda Katz, it is available on – it is suitable for creating scalable single page web applications. Many major sites like LinkedIn, Discourse, Groupon, Twitch.TV etc have been created in Ember.JS. Apple Music is the most common desktop application.


Vue.JSVue.JS, initially released 5 years ago (as of February 2019), is an open-source JavaScript framework that is used to build single-page applications, especially user-interfaces, by featuring incrementally adoptable architecture that focuses on declaration rendering and component composition. Its small size is its greatest asset. Besides this, ease of integration, scalability, and versatility, readability for the perfectionists and ease of learnability are other benefits that come along with Vue.JS and are Top web application development companies looks for in a JavaScript development framework.

Folding the discussion

JavaScript frameworks have a certain aura of web development around them. Each one has originated with nearly the same basics. A developer always looks for a straightforward and shortest route to reach a solution to a programming problem. And if a framework allows them to work faster, without the need to write code from scratch, it becomes a programming practice and preferable way to code. Besides the frameworks listed above Mithril.js, Polymar.JS, Aurelia and Backbone.js are some other upcoming frameworks to watch out for while developing web applications.

Making use of JS frameworks reduces line of code and thus increases efficiency and these helps utilize the basics of a programming language as it is without much modification.