Let’s Delight Customers by Recreating Online Dating Experience

Let’s Delight Customers by Recreating Online Dating Experience

Dating a person in reality becomes important when you get obsessed with their online personality. Work your way up to build dating apps like Bumble to entice customers!

The sugary sweet teenyboppers require an outlet for their energy-packed persona; they often bubble with unspent energy…not listening to the frantic whistling…not exchanging any blows, leaving them pointless and furious. They seek flirtatious partners, a feeling of being loved and accepted, and moreover, they can’t feel positive but they tend to act and if they act right, it builds their confidence.

The two big challenges millennia’s face is loneliness despite being hyper-connected online and indecisiveness in case of infinite options. As people look for more meaningful, deeper and story-worthy experience, dating apps have turned out to be an option for hook-ups, and bars for drunken revelry. Being out in a non-queer gathering, cautious and guarded, inspired by our own experience and reinventing our friend circle; finding an escape from the monotony of hanging out with the same people every time.

What users expect from apps like Bumble and Tinder

With the emergence of numerous dating applications, hopping online to find a fling or a forever partner has never been so widely socially acceptable. So let’s put this out there as what it is, giving someone less than 30 seconds to prove themselves as a potential mate, a little messed up but the trick here is they make the women make the first move, works better than any other dating app so far.

As with the most dating applications these days, it’s a green signal when ladies get the messaging rights so they can’t be harassed for no reason. The setup is much more in depth. You can break it all down instead of reading one giant bio on Tinder. Moreover, the little symbols that represent various parts of your life such as what type of engagement you’re looking for, if you have or want children, your religion, tour political status, etc. Plus Bumble is more creative and diverse.

Some of the most loved options with Dating in 2019 are:

Facebook Dating (Pricing: Free; Platform: Web – Mobile Only)

Now (Pricing: Free, With Paid Keys To Unlock Features; Platform: iOS)

Coffee Meets Bagel (Pricing: Free; Platform: iOS and Android)

The Inner Circle (Pricing: Free, Paid Premium Version; Platform: Web, iOS)

Hinge (Pricing: Free, Paid Premium Version; Platform: iOS and Android)

Crush (Pricing: Free; Platform: iOS and Android)

Bumble (Pricing: Free, Paid Bumble Coins To Unlock Features; Platform: iOS and Android)

OkCupid (Pricing: Free, Paid Premium Version (many features require this); Platform: Web, iOS and Android)

Tastebuds (Pricing: Free; Platform: Web, iOS)

Happn (Pricing: Free, With Paid Coins To Unlock Features; Platform: iOS and Android)

Badoo (Pricing: Free, Paid Premium Version; Platform: iOS)

Elite Singles (Pricing: 3, 6 or 12 Month Paid Subscription; Platform: Web, iOS, Android)

eHarmony (Pricing: 1 & 3 Month Paid Subscriptions; Platform: Web, iOS, Android)

Do I Date (Pricing: Free, Paid Premium Version; Platform: iOS)

Plenty Of Fish (Pricing: Free; Platform: Web, iOS and Android)

Miss Travel (Pricing: Free; Platform: Web)

Skout (Pricing: Free, Paid Premium Version; Platform: iOS and Android)

How About We (Pricing: Free; Platform: Web)

Twin Dog (Paid or Free: Free; Platform: iOS and Android)

Down (Pricing: Free 7-Day Trial Then Monthly Paid Subscription; Platform: iOS and Android)

Loveflutter (Paid or Free: Free; Platform: iOS, Android)

The Grade (Pricing: Free; Platform: iOS, Android)

Match (Pricing: Free Trial, 1, 6, 12 & 24 Month Paid Subscriptions; Platform: Web, iOS, Android)

Zoosk (Pricing: 1, 3, 6 & 12 Month Paid Subscriptions ; Platform: Web, iOS, Android)

Creating a Dating App that Exceeds Users Expectations

Dating apps are an interesting way to meet new people, even for the introverts who presume that they might be the person in the corner no one talks to. According to the active users, sometimes they become so dependent on dating apps that they literally lose the ability to talk to strangers in a bar and it really seems to be an awkward thing to do. People meet at Scoot parties, find startup partners as well as the romantic kind. One reason behind the popularity of these dating apps is the lack of avenues where people can meet and hang out. In Europe, people can strike up a conversation with someone in a bar or a restaurant, where they end up talking only to their friends. It is for those, who do not mix very much with their neighbors but say hello to them if they meet them on the street.

Top app development agencies must look for implementing certain features like:

  • Allowing users to select their schedule so that both partners are online in the same slot and proceed with the conversion.
  • An option to like or pass daily matches.
  • Liked matches/interests must be contacted within the first 24 hours with females making the first move.
  • Connects with users LinkedIn accounts to verify their pictures
  • The women get to ask a question, the guy must answer and if she likes the answer, she can unlock the match and start talking. If she doesn’t the two are unmatched.
  • Users can select what they’re “open to” in terms of a relationship or hookup.
  • Users can search for people who also like similar artists or be suggested people based on their favorite artists.
  • To be designed for users whose average age is 30 and above.

Steps to Follow While Developing a Dating App

1. Choose a layout

2. Add features like chat and social media etc.

3. Deploy the App on App/Play store.

An Inevitable Ending

Hands on experience over the app can be one best thing that can be helpful in the decision of how to create a dating app. Most of the dating applications are free, can be developed in minutes, have easy monetization models and publishers get real-time analytics and changes can be made to increase the user base of the app. Best app development companies India make us of dating app builder tools that help to build flawless dating apps, help match user profiles based on interests and hobbies, monetizing the app, sending real-time push notifications, giving 24*7 chat support, add as many photos to make the profile attractive.