Simplifying PHP Development with Laravel Framework

Simplifying PHP Development with Laravel Framework

Of-late Laravel has responded like a feedback loop, giving results in the similar proportion as efforts applied by PHP developers along with version control, scalability, flexibility, security!

When the target is far and seems unachievable, ignoring the distance makes the journey less tiring and the process becomes more manageable. It eventually helps us obtain power and overcome the challenge meanwhile. So, let’s start with the pros of Laravel (one of the best PHP framework) in this context for a change:

  • Laravel comes equipped with all major security vulnerabilities, restricts unauthorized users’ access to the apps’ crucial data or paid resources.
  • It handles errors and exceptions as this feature is inbuilt. This PHP framework incorporates the Monolog logging library which is powerful support for a multitude of long handlers. It runs regular updates that help it minimize errors on the website/app.
  • Granting you full control to all the required resources, Laravel structures your authorization logic in a simple and efficient way.
  • Laravel Framework separates presentation (client-side) and logic (server-side) layer functions, enabling the developers to work faster.
  • Laravel has a pre-configured scheduler that helps it manage scheduled tasks.
  • It configures delivery delays and manages queued messages by help of unified API’s irrespective of the queue back-end types.
  • Laravel is equipped with functionalities enabling expressive testing with the help of simulating common user behavior like clicking of links and filling out of forms and so on.
  • PHP framework Laravel routes in its app/http/routes.php file and gets loaded by default. The most basic ones accept Closure and URI, thus allowing developers to easily configure the routes.
  • Laravel comes with a simple yet powerful API over the SwiftMailer library. It also comes with drivers for Mandrill, SparkPost, Mailgun, SMTP, Amazon SES, Sendmail, PHP’s mail functions. Further, it also offers developers with support for sending out notifications via multiple channels like Slack, SMS, etc.
  • Laravel PHP framework has support for robust cache backends such as Redis and. Memcached (a distributed memory object caching system).
  • Laravel is configured to efficiently handle multiple cache configurations.

Introduction to Popular PHP Frameworks

PHP short for Hypertext Preprocessor is one of the most popular programming language based primarily on JavaScript and simultaneously supported by multiple frameworks to prevent monotony, provide flexibility in coding, code reuse, and enhance effectiveness and ease of use. These implement programming best practices (Rapid Application Development) as they enhance application functionality, performance, and interface. As most of the PHP frameworks are based upon Model View Controller (MVC), which is an architectural pattern in programming that differentiates and in-return isolates business logic from the UI, thus bifurcating the development process of an application, enabling developers to work on individual elements, keeping the other elements unaffected. This results in quick application development.

Most popular frameworks favored by most of website development companies India in the current PHP development scenario are Laravel, Symphony, Codeigniter, CakePHP, Yii, Zend, Phalcon, FuelPHP, Slim, PHPixie.

Finding Out What Distinguishes Laravel from Other Prevalent PHP Frameworks

As a reason cannot break out of its own loop, let’s justify how well Laravel framework (already discussed the pros above) fares as the most upgradable and maintainable open-source framework. Considering Laravel as the subject matter in this context, it has been the most favored framework since 2015. From supporting most of the object-oriented libraries that come along with many pre-installed features thus simplifying the authorization control and logic of resources, Laravel comes with a well-defined customization policy, automatic package discovery, blade templating engine and responsible interface. It includes, a built-in relational mapping framework environment, is highly scalable, flexible with great authentication and an effective routing system. Plus, it has quality coding environment due to its built-in tools and robust security that enables top web development companies India make it an essential part of their development routine.

Quantifying Some Major Laravel Features

  • With Laravel it is possible to configure multiple cache configurations with a default file cache driver.
  • Laravel authorizes and implements resources systematically.
  • It has an inbuilt testing functionality with exceptional error handling. It is secure against any kind of cross-site forgery, SQL injection or cross-site scripting. Applications built in Laravel frameworks are robust and easily deployable.
  • Laravel makes use of cloud-based services to send emails. It includes drivers for SMTP, Sparkpost, Mandrill, Mailgun, etc., being one step ahead from normal web services and mailer API’s.
  • It has relevant API’s to speed up web requests to the applications. It also follows restful routing.
  • Laravel is fast, customizable and easy to set up.
  • Event, Queues & Command Bus are an essential part of Laravel frameworks which is used to run the command bus. This helps it execute different commands and dispatch different events in an easier way.
  • Laravel has various constraints enforced between multiple database objects (via advanced query builder mechanism). It also has Object Relational Mapping (ORM) support with an active record implementation.
  • Laravel has an auto-loading facility and does not need manual maintenance and inclusion paths.
  • Easy version control enables management of migrations.

Laravel Usage Statistics

Laravel Usage Statistics

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What is slightly problematic about Laravel?

Three points to be considered during Laravel development are:

  • Calling of huge static methods
  • Slow performance
  • Use of HTTP middlewares


Laravel development can be easy, swift and flexible if all the features, pros, and cons discussed above are considered and put to effective use. Top web development companies hire Laravel developers who are familiar with all the features and capabilities of Best PHP framework and improve the process of development.