Top Android App Development Trends to Dominate the Market (Updated 2021)

Top Android App Development Trends to Dominate the Market (Updated 2021)

Gone are the days when mobile apps were primarily used for gaming and entertainment. The scenario is way different now. The unprecedented rise of mobile market has restored the existing procedures. Businesses that shied away from creating their own app a couple of years ago have now started to invest dearly.

Android is a favored platform for business owners around the globe to get started due to the perks and possibilities it claims to offer. This makes it important for you- as a business owner- to know what’s likely to change and how you can alter your ways of operations to keep propelling.

The ever-changing market demands give birth to new trends and call for suitable solutions supporting your marketing as well as development strategies so that you don’t fall back. So, here is what most of the top Android app development companies will be looking out:

Android app development trends for the year and beyond

Blockchain in Mobile Apps

There is a tie between risk vs. loss vs. limitless potential with crypto-currencies like Blockchain. It records digital transactions. All such transactions are encryption secured and decentralized. Big investors, financers, retail chains and bankers – FedEx, Walmart, IBM, and Mastercard, invested a fortune in Blockchain. Mid-size companies are bucking up with this trend. Facebook is about to launch Diem, Libra – which is a blockchain-based payment system.

Internet of Things

Internet of things implies interconnecting various devices via the internet. Applicable use cases include: IoT in healthcare – helping medical professionals take care of their patients better. Medical equipment connect with sensors that update doctors about their patients in real-time.

The Internet of Things in manufacturing will feature IoT-enabled devices analyze manufacturing data, participate in trends/analysis and forecasting market, reduce downtime and maintenance. Industrial automation reduces human effort, decreases time and increases productivity and simultaneously reduces workplace hazards. Commercial users take the route to cutting-edge technologies. Primary operations in manufacturing affected by this change include cloud deployment, professional services, smart surveillance solutions, real-time workforce tracking, discreet manufacturing.

Office initiatives will become intelligent and include wearable gadgets, RFID sensors, home automation, biometric locks – these will make for a smart and convenient living.

5G Wireless Services

5G chronicles high speed without congestion. It is promising and expects to scale up in 2021. It will bring about faster download speeds and data sharing in real-time. Plus, many network providers are offering 5G. World’s best Android Phones now feature a 5G network.

Instant Apps

Users do not need to download, install and get themselves registered on Instant Apps. E.g.: ‘Appclip’ for iOS, ‘Google Play Instant’; These are different from Progressive web applications as these are accessible through browsers. We have app clips for many Video Games, Apple Maps, Apple Messages, NFC tags, QR codes, App Clip Codes. These work instantly by tapping on the icon – “Try Now”; These save space, are fast and provide a decent user experience.

Flutter Development

Google’s Flutter is an upcoming cross-platform development framework that comes with native-like functionality. It can be used in conjunction with Java code or is used to create android apps from scratch. It is easy to use, easy to understand and learn. For these reasons, startups prefer it.

Mobile Wallets

NFC payment apps/P2P payment apps like PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Samsun Pay and many such localized applications process digital transactions, accounting for frequent cash payments. These are quick, accurate, secure that makes them compatible and approachable.

On-demand Apps

Recently pandemic (2020) gave people a reason to order everything online, owing to widespread social distancing norms. Ordering 24*7 is highly convenient. It helps to satisfy both business and user’s needs in time and in a cost-effective way. Providers and consumers connect, communicate and collaborate in a peer-to-peer model, ensuring the best customer service. This trend is here to stay with an increasing percentage of mobile devices.

Android Jetpack

Android developers use Android jetpack to create Android Apps with complex features quickly. It comes with libraries and tools to facilitate developers to include four prime elements like UI, architecture, behaviour, and foundation.

Final words

To compete against the app leaders, you need to know the latest trends and related actions to be taken because outdated tools and techniques won’t work for your business. You need to evolve with time and act as the market wants you to.

This article is just an idea of how the app market will structure in the coming months as far as Android app development is concerned. Learn from the app behemoths; if you innovate as per the market requirements, success won’t be far.