Top Metaverse Development Companies 2023September 3, 2023 |  Top IT Service & Solution Providers

Recommendation for top Metaverse companies to keep you ahead in the race of Metaverse innovation. Create your Metaverse platform and let your imagination fly high.

RisingMax21. RisingMax:

RisingMax takes pride in providing smart web, mobile app, custom software, chatbot, blockchain, and big data solutions to startups, enterprises, and government agencies. We drive real business value by leveraging our years of experience and deep expertise. We create IT products specifically designed to compete in today’s market. As a top-tier IT consulting company in NYC, we help transform never-before-seen ideas into smart solutions by utilizing the latest technologies and high-tech methodologies.

Services Provided by RisingMax:

IOS App Development, Android App Development, Progressive Web Apps, IoT App Development, AR/VR App Development, React Native App Development

Key Clients: Sharp Education Centre, Rare Gaming Company, VTI Instruments, Corp, Recomonk

United States251-500Founded: 2011<$25/hr. +1-917-451-3717

BreedCoins22. BreedCoins:

BreedCoins – Web3 Game Development Company Breedcoins is a fast-growing Web3 game development company offering best-in-class Web3 solutions for startups and entrepreneurs. We are also involved in Blockchain, Metaverse gaming, NFT gaming, and other crypto businesses. We have completed 250+ projects around the globe with unique requirements. Contact our crypto experts today and build your dream business.

Services Provided by BreedCoins:

Web3 Game Development, Blockchain Game Development, NFT Game Development, Metaverse Game Development, NFT Marketplace Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Key Clients: Reserve Bank of India

India51-100Founded: 2022<$25/hr. +91-73581-21732

AVS23. AVS Consulting:

Founded in 2015, AVS Consulting has three offices in Malaysia, Germany and Armenia, serving more than 80+ clients worldwide. We provide customers with one-stop consulting services on Blockchain and 3D configuration and involve development fields such as NFT marketplace, Web3 applications, metaverse avatars and immersive 3D interactive experiences. AVS Consulting has top insights, understands the most avant-garde needs, and creates the latest technology applications, combining virtual and real interactive experiences to help customers stay ahead of the times.

Services Provided by AVS Consulting:

3D Configurator, AR/VR, Metaverses, 3D avatars, Blockchain Products, Centralized and decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces, Crypto tokens issuing and promotion (market making service), Crypto wallets development, Digital financial eco systems development, Decentralized autonomous organization platforms

Key Clients: Artec 3D, ChargePoint, Sbercloud

Germany, Armenia, Malaysia51-100Founded: 2015$50-$99/hr. +6087427745

Dr24. Dr Developers:

We are here to provide the best consulting services tailored to meet your needs. We are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art engineering services like website development, mobile app and eCommerce, and UI/UX development with the latest technology and technical support.

Services Provided by Dr Developers:


Key Clients:

United States0-10Founded: 2022$25-$49/hr. +1-916-857-8167

Nexgits25. Nexgits Private Limited:

Nexgits is a revolutionary IT consulting company based in Ahmedabad. We hold extensive expertise and a skilled workforce across Mobile Game Development, AR/VR, WebGL, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Product/Business promotional applications. Founded in 2021, we are a progressive group with a sharp mission of exponentially growing your business and preparing it for the next-gen challenges. Our technological solutions are alike. Your target audiences and selling points are the focal points of our workflow. So, our solutions are bound to impress your clientele and leave an everlasting impression on the industry.

Services Provided by Nexgits Private Limited:

AR-VR Development Services, Game Development Services, Mobile App Development Services, Software Development Services, AI-ML Development Services, Website Development Services

Key Clients: Rasna, MLAI

India11-50Founded: 2021$25-$49/hr. +91-92656-26573

PrimaFelicitas26. PrimaFelicitas:

PrimaFelicitas is a bleeding-edge Web3 development company at the forefront of core end-to-end blockchain engineering. With Alums from Stanford & LBS, with 25+ years of experience in Technology & FinTech and 6+ years in Blockchain, PrimaFelicitas houses one of the most potent Web3 & blockchain development teams.

With its exceptionally talented Web3 & Blockchain development team, the company has been responsible for developing several cutting-edge Web3 & blockchain Solutions in the past six years, including Web2 to Web3 transitions, Metaverse, NFT, Defi, Cryptocurrency Exchange (Centralized/Decentralized), Cryptocurrency Wallets & Custody Solutions, Crypto Payment gateways, etc.

Services Provided by PrimaFelicitas:

Web2 to Web3 Transition & Development, NFT Marketplace Development, Metaverse Development Services, Blockchain Solutions, Smart Contract Audit, DeFi Development, dApps Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development (Centralized or Decentralized), Cryptocurrency Wallet Development, Token Issuance Solution

Key Clients: TrustRecruit, HealthBlocks, RageFan, Qi Digital, Solidus AI Tech, KPMG

United States51-100Founded: 2013$25-$49/hr. +1-415-570-9219

Auroblocks27. Auroblocks:

Auroblocks is a leading blockchain development company, offering a wide range of services such as cryptocurrency exchange and wallet development, P2P lending platforms, ICO/STO/IDO support, crypto banking platforms, DeFi development, NFT creation, metaverse development, and DAO establishment. We specialize in building custom blockchains tailored to specific business requirements. With a design thinking-driven approach, we provide comprehensive support throughout the blockchain adoption process, offering insights, research, and personalized consulting. Our dedication to innovation and expertise positions us as frontrunners in driving blockchain adoption.

Services Provided by Auroblocks:

Crypto Launchpad Development, NFT Marketplace Development, NFT Launchpad Development, DAO Development Service, NFT Development Service, Dapp Development Service, DeFi Development Service, Smart Contract Development, ICO Development Service, Real Estate Tokenization, P2E NFT Game Development

Key Clients: FlexUSD, Fetch, YFDAI , REEF, StackOS, PolySports, Polygon

Singapore, India11-50Founded: 2018$25-$49/hr. +91-88069-99964

GamesPad28. GamesPad:

GamesPad is an international multi-service company with offices in Miami, New York, Bogotá DC, and Mexico. We bring together professional teams that provide a range of digital production and development services.

With our production and development arms, Mompozt (animation, 3D, cinematics & video production) and Aguascalien3D (VR/XR/AR development studio), we’re serving clients globally, including renowned brands, such as Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Colgate, Nissan, Kia, BBVA, and more. With over 14 years of experience in the industry and dozens of happy clients all over the world, our teams can help you create high-quality cinematics, commercials, trailers, 3D assets as well as build immersive

Services Provided by GamesPad:

Animation and video production: Commercials, Cinematics, Animation

AR, VR, XR and 3D experience: Metaverse experiences, 8D sound, virtual tours, Virtual product models, Virtual advertising, Multi-platform games, PC, Android, Virtual and Augmented Reality games, 3D development

Key Clients: Nestlé, Bimbo, Ferrero Rocher, Colgate, Palmolive, BBVA, Kia, Kellogg’s

USA, Colombia, Mexico101-250Founded: 2008$25-$49/hr. +1-786-796-1483

SDNA29. SDNA Tech:

SDNA Tech transforms concepts into real-world applications that are scalable, dependable, and appealing to consumers. We are inspired by your ideas and want to help you bring it to life.

Services Provided by SDNA Tech:

Blockchain Development, NFT Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development


India, UK101-250Founded: 2010<$25/hr. +44-208-133-9192

DotStark30. DotStark Technologies LLP:

If you are looking for a firm that ensures unremitting quality and adherence to deadlines. You are at the right spot. DotStark Technologies is an Agile web development company. We develop Kentico projects primarily with MVC architecture. As a managed Microsoft Partner and Kentico Partner, Dotstark fills the need of any business seeking to achieve their intrinsic goal and move to the cloud. We let our clients judge our strengths. Our Kentico Certified Developers focused on all things about Kentico. We know how to get the very best out of the Kentico platform and ensure our clients have the most commercial digital solution possible.

Services Provided by DotStark Technologies LLP:

Mobile app development, Web Development, CMS Development, Kentico CMS development, DevOps, Dynamics 365, On-demand Solutions, Blockchain Development, ASP.Net, Java, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, ROR

Key Clients: Ingram, Fishel and Paykal

India, USA, Malaysia11-50Founded: 2019$25-$49/hr. +1-602-427-8361

Monkhub31. Monkhub Innovations:

Monkhub is focused on emerging tech with in-house certified tech experts, trained business analysts, and proficient designers, qualified in handling complex projects end to end. We have been in the business of tech development since 2017 and have collaborated with scales of businesses, ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our client base expands across the USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, and various other countries.

Services Provided by Monkhub Innovations:

Monkhub is an IT firm providing services in emerging technologies like Blockchain development, AR/VR/MR, AI/ML, Game and App development.

Key Clients: Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Franklin Templeton, Aditya Birla, Airmeet, Skillmatics, BDO, Algoworks, Breathe Wellbeing, Garantie, ApniBus, AIDUS, Plaak and many more

India51-100Founded: 2017$25-$49/hr. +91-90900-80015

Blocktech32. Blocktech Brew:

Blocktech Brew is a cutting-edge blockchain app development company that serve across the global. With a deep passion for blockchain and its transformative potential, Blocktech Brew has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses. Blocktech Brew specializes in developing decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts on various blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, and Fabrics.

Services Provided by Blocktech Brew:

Blockchain Development

Key Clients: 

United Arab Emirates51-100Founded: 1986<$25/hr. +971 55 473 8790

Talentica33. Talentica Software:

Talentica Software is an innovative product development company that provides startup-oriented dedicated remote teams to help startups build their own tech products. In the last 18 years, we have successfully enabled 170+ Startups to create their own success stories. With average client tenure lasting for 2.5+ years, we promise a strategic & valuable tech partnership for Startups.

We have a team of 450+ problem solvers across 9 Technology Excellence Groups: AI/ML, Blockchain, BigData, DevOps, UI/UX, Mobile, Wearables and more, bringing both experienced remote teams & a vast portfolio of Tech Expertise while being cost-effective.

Services Provided by Talentica Software:

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, IoT & Connected Devices, BigData, DevOps & Infrastructure, UI/UX, Mobile Apps & Wearables, Open Source & more…

Key Clients: Opera Mediaworks, TALA Security, Citrus, Homeunion, SignTrace, Vulcan

United States, India251-500Founded: 2003$25 – $49/hr. +91-20407-51111

TechGropse34. TechGropse:

TechGropse has a strong team of highly skilled IT experts. We have developed comprehensive expertise in developing Native Mobile Apps for various segments. The company also develops cost-effective Hybrid Mobile Apps and cross-platform mobile apps for various start-ups and entrepreneurs, which can be run on multiple devices or platforms. Our client domain is 100% international from the USA, India & UAE.

Services Provided by TechGropse:

Mobile App Development, Blockchain Technology, Web Development, Software Development, Game Development, Ecommerce Development, AR/VR Development, IoT Development

Key Clients: Moonoa, Fresh Trader, Passport Journey, BigBoyToyz, Zanomy, Heyhang

USA, UAE, India51-100Founded: 2015$25-$49/hr. +91-98112-66711

Luminous35. Luminous Tec:

Luminous Tec LLC was established in 2006, with the objective of offering world class IT solutions to clients from all over the globe. We aspire to become a leader in our niche by earning the goodwill of our esteemed clients. Our major objective is to form long term relationships with our clients and play an important role in optimizing their business potential. We are always willing to run the extra yards to fulfill the unique requirements of our clients.

Luminous Tec LLC offers the experience and proficiency which enables the organizations to accelerate their service processes, deliver more service value and realize breakthrough results in their niche market. Now our clients not only appre

Services Provided by Luminous Tec:

Luminous Tec is a full-stack mobile, web and IOT application development and digital marketing company dedicated to helping our clients strategize, develop, and scale dynamic solutions that enhance business performance and enable innovative growth opportunities.

Key Clients: For My Tax , Level Up Now, Ace Tax, Source Referral, Liberty Transaction Services, Munch Citi, NexGen Taxes

United States11-50Founded: 2006<$25/hr. +1-949-877-9280

BYTRIX36. BYTRIX Technologies:

BYTRIX is a Reliable and Innovative App Development solution provider, established in 2019. It caters to startups and enterprises, offering contemporary design and development of mobile-apps, websites, and e-commerce platforms. The company’s core values include innovative thinking, dynamic problem-solving, and customer satisfaction. BYTRIX delivers creative solutions that help businesses grow and succeed. With a strong presence in different countries, we bring together the best of global talent to deliver customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you are a startup or an established business, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Services Provided by BYTRIX Technologies:

Mobile App Design & Development and Web Design & Development

Key Clients:

Pakistan, USA, UAE101-250Founded: 2019$25-$49/hr. +1-908-652-3864

MNB37. MNB Soft Solution:

MNB Soft Solutions is a technology company that provides a full suite of digital solutions to help organizations achieve their goals. We specialize in software development, website design and development, mobile app development, and digital marketing services, giving our clients a single, integrated solution for all of their IT needs. Plus, we provide a choice of website designing and development services, from custom-designed websites to e-commerce platforms, with our eye-catching, user-friendly, and optimized website designs, we help businesses to establish a strong online presence. By ensuring that your customers can find you easily and engage with your brand effectively.

Services Provided by MNB Soft Solution :

Software development, MLM software development, Mobile app development, Website development, Website Designing, Blockchain development, WordPress web development, e-commerce web development, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Search engine optimization, Social media management, PPC

Key Clients:

India11-50Founded: 2014$25-$49/hr. +91-93112-21776

TECHVED38. TECHVED Consulting:

Experience the future of digital transformation with TECHVED Consulting 20+ years of expertise in UX UI Designs & Developement, a globally recognized leader in Design-Led-Engineering and Digital Transformation. With an enviable client portfolio that includes Fortune 500+ companies, we are committed to providing unparalleled services that empower businesses across all industries to achieve their digital goals including BFSI, Healthcare, Retail & E-commerce, Entertainment, gaming company & many more.

Our dedicated team of experts think out-of-the box and create solutions to benefit your business and audience for national as well as 200+ international clients across the UK, USA & UAE.

Services Provided by TECHVED Consulting:

UX UI Design & Development, Mobile & Web App Development, Staff Augmentation Services, User Research, UX Audit & Usability Testing, Metaverse Development, Game Development, AR VR Solutions, AI chatbot design & development, Digital Transformation etc.

Key Clients: 

India, UAE, USA251-500Founded: 2007$150-199/hr. +91-99671-05359

Talentelgia39. Talentelgia Technologies:

We are one of the top full-stack custom software development companies providing the top class web development services across the globe but majorly in USA, UK, Australia and India. We have a team of experienced technology professionals who can create a professional website for your business that your clients will love.

Talentelgia is the best and most renowned mobile app development company hard-quartered in India, with a global presence mainly in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and UAE. We are deeply committed to creating extremely captivating apps that carefully adhere to the business needs and serving a wide range of projects with the utmost client satisfaction in mind.

Services Provided by Talentelgia Technologies:

LAMP Stack Development, Android App Development, IoS App Development, Digital Marketing Service

Key Clients: PicNdrop, Flexcheck

United States101-250Founded: 2011$25-$49/hr. +91-99886-99972

Zeeve40. Zeeve:

Zeeve is an enterprise-grade no-code Blockchain Infrastructure Automation platform that enables easy deployment, monitoring, and management of Blockchain nodes and networks. Using Zeeve’s no-code stack, Enterprises, Blockchain Startups, Blockchain Consulting Companies and Web3 Developers can deploy Blockchain nodes and Decentralised Apps within minutes, and manage them with advanced analytics and real- time alerts. Additionally, it is India’s only Blockchain Automation platform that provides deployment on both Public and Permissioned protocols.

Services Provided by Zeeve:


Key Clients: Leo capital

United States101-250Founded: 2020$25-$49/hr. +1-347-956-0722

Metaverse can be termed as the 3D virtual world where you can communicate with other people using the digital avatar just like the real world. Since Facebook revealed the concept of the metaverse, its popularity is reaching new heights of success with each passing day. More and more businesses are stepping into metaverse development to create an engaging and fruitful experience.

However, without having the right expertise of the top metaverse companies on your side, you won’t be able to reach the true potential of your metaverse development vision. Therefore it is inevitable to work with the best metaverse development company to ensure the success of your project.

Guide to Select the Best Metaverse Development Company?

How much does it cost to develop a metaverse platform?

The estimated cost of metaverse platform development is subject to the complexity, features, location of the development agency, selection of blockchain platform, and so on. Since these details vary from one project to another, providing you with the estimated cost is not a feasible decision.

How do metaverse development companies help me?

Top metaverse companies can help you in the following ways:

  • Smart contract creations and deployment
  • Integration of online payment wallets with your metaverse platform
  • Responsible for upgrading and maintaining your metaverse platform
  • The large pool of full-stack development skills
  • Best expertise in working with the interoperable standards
  • Offers access to high bandwidth decentralized networks

In what ways a metaverse development company can benefit you?

By offering top-notch metaverse development services, the company can help you with the following benefits:

  • Help businesses address the remote work challenges more efficiently
  • Taking the online gaming experience to next level by making them more realistic
  • Open new opportunities for virtual traveling
  • Virtual tour of real-world properties that mimic real-world feelings.