How to Build an AI Voice Generator App Like Speechify?

How to Build an AI Voice Generator App Like Speechify?

“I believe AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of humanity. More than electricity” – Kai-Fu Lee, AI Expert!

AI/ML has changed the world around us and the way we react to the environment. From virtual assistants to face recognizers, AI & ML has an influence on almost everything around us. AI voice generators and best text to speech apps like speechify are such important technical innovations. People are browsing through various ML app ideas to build something useful & get the best out this tech. The technology is helping people with hearing, reading, and vision disability do things better. For instance, speechify is empowering people with dyslexia read textual documents by listening to the text.

The app has over 20 million active users who listen to astounding 6.5 billion words per month. The text to speech industry is also expected to grow to $17 billion by 2029. If you are also thinking of getting into the industry and building a similar app like Speechify, then the post is at your help.

The article explains how to build an AI voice generator and best text to speech app like Speechify along with other significant topics. Let us start with some basic numbers about the industry first.

AI Voice Generation & Text to Speech Market Analysis

“According to data bridge market report, the text to speech market valuation is expected to reach whopping $17 billion by 2029”

Text to speech and AI voice generation are not a new concept in the market but the recent developments in the AI/ML have taken the industry to new heights. For instance, a text to speech app like Speechify, that simply translates text into audio, clocked annual revenue of $14.5 million.

Further, major target audience includes people with reading/learning disability and the people over the age of 60 that have vision issues. Apart from this, AI voice generation technology is also being used heavily in smart home market, voice assistants and use of virtual assistants in different sectors.

Market Key Players

Concept Map/Network Maps connects multiple ideas and concepts/nodes. This is called a tree structure. Mind Map comes with a radial structure instead. Mind maps focus on a single problem/ one concept while concept map connects multiple concepts or ideas.

  • Amazon Web Services, Inc.
  • Baidu, Inc.
  • Attainment Company, Inc.
  • Oracle
  • Google LLC
  • Tobii AB
  • Lingraphica
  • PRC Saltillo
  • Zygo
  • Jabbla

Numbers & Stats – AI Voice Generator & Text to Speech Market

  • AI generator market is anticipated to grow @15.40% from 2022 to 2032
  • As of 2023, the AI voice generator market revenue is $1396 million and is expected to touch $4889 million by 2032
  • Key players in the AI voice generator market today include Google LLC, Baidu Inc., Oracle, AWS, and Lingraphica.
  • Two most significant obstacles in the AI voice generation market are funding and lack of skilled people
  • TTS (text to speech) market valuation is anticipated to grow at 16.3% CAGR from $2.8 billion in 2021 to $12.5 billion in 2031, approximately

What is an AI Voice Generator App like Speechify?

An AI voice generator app like Speechify allows users to paste & convert text into audio voice accurately. The software is designed to help people read faster in less time. The application uses optimal character recognition technology to turn text into audios. The app allows users to translate papers, PDFs, emails, articles, online pages, and any other text into natural sounding audio.
Such AI voice generator apps are really popular among writing, editing professionals, and people with reading issues, such as dyslexia & ADHD. Speechify is also popular for its robust customization options. For instance, users can change the audio’s language, reading speed, accent, etc according to their needs & requirements.

Why AI Voice Generator Apps like Speechify are Successful? – Top Reasons

AI voice generator and best text to speech apps like Speechify have gained significant success in the market. The apps offer top notch customization and functionalities to the users. However, there are several other reasons behind the success of such apps, which are as follows –

1. Empowering Disabled People

Cliff Weitzman, the founder of Speechify, is a dyslexic kid who developed the app to help people with the same disability. Speechify’s fundamental function is to convert textual data into audio voices with different customizations and help people read lengthy documents easily.

2. Improves Writer Productivity

Apps like Speechify have gained success among writers, proofreaders, editors, and content creators. Editors & writers often skip mistakes in the write ups and hearing the text again in another voice can help in review process. The process increases the productivity and work quality by helping writers identify mistakes.

3. Lower Pricing Plans

Most AI voice generation apps like Speechify work on freemium model and offer a basic plan at no cost to users. This has made easier for people to try & adapt to the technology. Free plan offers the basic text to speech features while the premium plans offers additional functionalities. It includes customization in accent, reading pace, multiple language support, and many more.

Speechify’s plan starts from $11.58 per month per user.

Must-have Features For an App like Speechify

1. Multi Language Support

A text to speech that has multiple language support can help users transcend countries & culture without any issue. For instance, a text in Spanish converted into an English language audio can help reach text to more locations & people, thus, lifting the language barrier. Apps like Speechify offer text to sound feature for over 30 languages.

2. Voice Diversification

The problem with most text to speech apps in the market currently is that most of them have a robotic, linear voice that doesn’t have any human touch. Further, every text has a tone of its own and should be conveyed in the same manner for effective communication. Thus, a text to speech app must have the voice diversification feature that reads the text in the required tone. For instance, you need different voices when reading a novel and another when reading a tutorial.

3. Robust UI/UX

Nobody wants to install a text to speech app with confusing interface and complexity. An ideal AI voice generator app has an easy to understand navigation and delivers maximum results in minimum steps. For example, apps like Speechify make sure that the registration & profile creation process is done in less than 5 steps. A complex UI eats a lot of user energy & attention, resulting in app removal.

4. Improve Speech Quality

It is time-consuming and costly to produce multiple audio versions of your content using standard methods. Rehiring voice actors, renting a studio, and hiring audio experts will be necessary each time you need to update material. All of that is altered when your TTS has a voice changer feature.

Using TTS with a voice changer allows you to alter your voiceover’s gender, language, accent, and other characteristics in addition to enhancing the voice quality of your amateur recordings to that of professional voiceovers.

5. Customization Feature

Advanced text to speech technology can be used to create AI voices that have better intonation, naturalness, comprehensibility, and intelligibility than human voices. A voice that isn’t personalised is just another voice. Because of this, excellent text-to-speech software should allow users to customize the project’s voiceover according to certain use cases. Apps like Speechify allow top notch customization and better options to users, and that’s why, are a hit in the market.

Some people might need a loud and lively voice, while others would need a low-pitched voice that conveys the ideal mix of authority, intelligence, and clarity.

6. Files Import/Export

The capacity to import and export files in numerous formats with ease is another crucial element of any user-friendly AI voice generator app like Speechify. Working with digital information requires importing and exporting files on a regular basis. Either text can be copied and pasted into an editor or text files in various formats can be imported into the TTS programme. The finished audio file should be able to be exported in a number of different formats at the same time.

Allowing users to sync and incorporate media files, like presentations, movies, and photos, into the finished voiceover would be an additional benefit. This would enable users to create the ideal voiceover content.

7. Collaboration

Team collaboration is a noteworthy functionality that every text-to-speech program should have. Different people must be able to access and edit audio & video files, work on the same piece of material at the same time, and share inputs.

Working together in real-time not only allows users to avoid wasting several hours, but it also expedites projects and gets us over difficult obstacles more rapidly.

8. Natural Sounding Voice

Human-parity voices are the main feature that sets apart any text-to-speech software. The expressiveness, irregularity, and capacity to deliver the same sentences in radically various ways depending on the situation are what define human voices.

High-quality AI voices that can mimic the likeness, style, organic prosody, and individuality of human speech should be provided by text-to-speech software. The AI voice should be able to adjust its tone and emotion, as well as pause and breathe when necessary, thanks to contextual awareness. It should be simple for users to personalize their voiceover experience with a wide variety of options available for both male and female voices.

How to Make an App Like Speechify? – Development Process

Discovery Phase – Discovery phase is essential to understand the client requirements, the issue it solves, and then validate it. For instance, Speechify was developed to resolve the reading problems of dyslexic people. Any top iPhone app development company will have this pre-stage for their clients to understand the market and target audience.

Planning & Research – The phase works on the ground level of the app development process and helps the team to understand potential challenges and end-user requirements. It includes competitors’ analysis, SWOT analysis, understanding legal compliances, and set the product USP.

This phase also includes a pre-planning of the app design, features, and functionality that will be included in the platform. The team goes through the top mobile app development trends in the industry to get the best out of the market.

App Designing –The ideas & research done in the previous phase are then converted into a prototype and then into an intuitive app design. The stage includes creating a basic layout of the platform, filling the visual components in it, building the UI, and then organizing the required content in the design. A good app design is easy to use, navigate and appealing to users.

App Development – Development is the perhaps the most crucial, time taking, and costly stage in the whole process. It includes building the backend & frontend of the app along with the functionalities required. A whole team of developers is deployed in the stage simultaneously to work on your project and then deliver a top notch result. The time & cost depends upon several factors, including the tech stack required, platform chosen, APIs required, and many more.

A trusted iPhone app development company is transparent about the whole process and presents a detailed description of each individual’s working to the clients. Thus, it is essential to hire Indian app developers with trustworthy & reliable profiles. Here is a detailed list of top mobile app development companies in India.

App Testing – Testing of the platform is done systematically at several levels and facilitate identify bugs, issues, & errors in the app. The apps are passed to the team and then rectified before launching it to the public. There are several types of app testing, including unit testing, functionality testing, performance testing, security testing, and platform testing.

App Deployment – Deployment is the process of listing the app on different storefront marketplaces, such as App Store & Play Store, to make it accessible to the users. Users can only download & install the platform once it is deployed on the storefront. It is considered to hire Indian app developers because of the affordable cost & top notch app deployment work they offer.

Tech Stack to Consider to Make an App Like Speechify

Backend Development

Data Storage

  • Databases – PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or MySQL
  • Data processing – Apache Spark & Apache Kafka

Frontend Development

  • Web Content – HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
  • UI frameworks –Angular, React, or Vue.js
  • Design tools – Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch

Voice Generation

  • Engines – Amazon Polly & Google Text-to-Speech
  • Custom AI models for voice cloning

Server Infrastructure

  • Hosting and deployment – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or Heroku

Additional Tools

  • Version control using Git and platforms like GitHub or Bitbucket
  • Collaboration tools – Slack, Jira, and Trello

Quality Assurance

  • Testing & QA frameworks – JUnit, Appium, & Selenium


  • User analytics – Google Analytics & Mixpanel

User Authentication

  • Authentication services – Firebase Auth & OAuth

Content Storage

  • Cloud storage solutions – Google Cloud Storage & Amazon S3

Cost to Develop AI Voice Generator & Text-to-Speech App like Speechify

AI voice generator app development is a complex task and requires significant expertise. Thus, hiring a top iPhone app development company is essential to obtain expected results. The cost to develop a text to speech and AI voice generator app like Speechify cannot be determined before understanding the exact project needs and multiple other factors. Some of the top factors that influence the text to speech app development cost are –

Key Factors That Affect the Cost of Developing an App Like Speechify

  • Developer’s Location
  • Algorithm Complexity
  • Natural Language Processing Requirement
  • Machine Learning Requirement
  • Third Party APIs Required
  • Tech Stack Chosen
  • App UI/UX
  • Testing & QA

So, these were the top factors that influence the overall cost of text to speech & AI voice generator app development. It is essential to hire Indian app developers that have the required past experience in the same industry, or developing a similar platform. Further, to give a rough estimate cost, here is a phase-by-phase breakdown –

AI Voice Generator & Text to Speech App Development Cost Breakdown
Phase Name Estimated Cost Range
Development Team $7500 – $30,000
Platform Selection Depends on Requirement (iOS, Android, web app)
Text-to-Speech Engine $5,000 – $7,000
User Interface (UI/UX) $3,000 – $8,000
Testing and QA $1,500 – $3,000
Support & Maintenance Depends
Tech Stack $2,000 – $5,000
APIs $2,000 – $4,000

So this was the phase wise breakdown of the overall app development cost of AI voice generator apps like Speechify. The average cost for apps like Speechify ranges anywhere between $20,000 and $60,000. Further, it will take about 6 to 12 months to develop a similar app like Speechify.

The Final Thought – AI Voice Generator

So, this was everything related to how to build an app like speechify! We have tried to cover all the significant topics such as what does speechify do, must have features, why apps like speechify are successful in the market, and the cost to build text to speech app like speechify, along with the app development process. Moreover, we have also presented a deep market analysis of the text to speech and AI voice generator sector.

Notably, AI based apps are complex to build and thus it is essential to consider some top mobile app development companies.

Top FAQs – AI Voice Generator App like Speechify

How much does an app like Speechify cost?

The average cost to build AI voice generator app like Speechify ranges between $20,000 and $60,000, depending upon complexity & several other factors. However, the exact cost can only be determined after understanding the client requirements.

What is the time to develop text to speech app like Speechify?

The time to develop an AI voice generator app like Speechify varies and ranges between 6 to 12 months. The exact timeline can be decided after an initial discussion and by understanding your project needs.

What the top Apps Like Speechify?

Some of the best text to speech apps like speechify are Natural Reader, Murf, Voice Dream Reader, and LOVO.

What is a text-to-speech app like Speechify?

A text to speech app like Speechify allows users to convert textual data into audio voices. You can convert PDFs, papers, articles, emails, ebooks, and more into natural sounding audio voices.

What are some must have features in AI voice generator app like Speechify?

Some of the key features of text-to-speech apps like Speechify are reading pace control, offline listening, easy document conversion, multi-language support, and HD voice generation.

What is the tech stack required to build text-to-speech apps like Speechify?

Text to speech app like Speechify development requires several tools & technology stack. It includes Django, Node.js, HTML5, jQuery, Java, Python, and Javascript.