Wearable App Development Continues to Prosper- The Inside Look

Wearable App Development Continues to Prosper- The Inside Look

The growth of mobile devices lately has amended the existing paradigms of work. This growth is natural due to the sense of ease they offer to our daily routine. And it comes as no surprise that the use of mobile devices has picked up a substantial pace. In addition to the increase in usage of smart devices, there are smart technologies that have gained momentum, most popular being the wearable technology that has given birth to wearables- high-tech devices with extraordinary capabilities.

Leveling up the user experience and engagement, wearables make the favorable choice for the young and the adult audiences right now. Lifestyle has been redefined due to these tech wearables that not only assist in tracking health or heart rates but are intuitive, smart and available on-the-go.

This monumental rise has opened a gateway of opportunities for app development companies across the globe. iOS developers have innovative concepts to capitalize on and to connect the world in the most intriguing way possible.

Prominent in categories like fitness, health, entertainment, gaming and lifestyle, the wearables collect significant data from real life activities based on user’s location, past behavior, activities and interests. With the responsibility to showcase the gathered data in a simplified format, iOS app development companies work hard in developing robust app solutions that follow customer-centric approach and produce results as intended. Also, by keeping in mind the cost factor and productivity gains that each business expects.

The stat book

The wearable technology has impacted a variety of verticals and this impact isn’t just limited to individuals or startups, instead,it extends to large business houses, allowing businesses to measure the recorded data in real-time. This not only helps in saving time and effort of monitoring and tracking but raises the efficiency bar.

The wearable tech industry has recorded tremendous figures of growth in the past which is likely to prosper handsomely and reach the $57.7 billion mark by 2022 as against the recorded $19.6 billion in 2016.

According to a report, around 49% people in the US interact with at least one wearable every day. Plus, healthcare and sports activity trackers will have the major sharing. They will account for 72% of the total wearables by 2018 whose market share will account to $6 billion.

Another propelling device that will impact the future wearable market is the smartwatch. It is likely to grow big and reach a mark of $17.9 billion by 2022.

However, well-established players entering the market will play a crucial role in advocating the growth of these smart wearables. With time, the demand will increase so will the competition and it’ll then be interesting to see if the manufacturing cost goes down and how the market reacts to the same. This collectively will impact the smartwatch market in the years to come.

Wearable technology- future and other aspects

Market leaders currently in the business are Apple, Fitbit, Samsung Electronics, Sony, Adidas, Nike, Huawei and Motorola. This list can be appended with some more names. All the giants are currently working to build wearable devices that add a sense of ease and convenience to our daily lives.

With the increase in healthcare awareness, sophisticated portable devices are currently in demand that can track every minute of our health, forming the basis for the meticulous growth as well. Smart rings and smart shirts are also on cards that’ll contribute enormously to the future wearable app economy. However, factors like security and manufacturing cost of building wearables can certainly hamper the market growth.

The scenario will only get better from here on. We’d see more innovative concepts making their way to the market, while competent mobile apps being built in support of the same. Currently, wearable technology revolves around the healthcare sector with fitness bands and other health trackers in demand. Users are making most of these available devices by staying ahead of their health bypassing the unhealthy route from the outset. Eventually, more industries will become an integral part of this revolutionary technological change and the world will only be a spectator.

iPhone app developers will look to enhance the ongoing paradigms by including features like voice-command, GPS, gyroscope and compass to the devices.


Wearable technology is clearly the ‘next big’ thing app development companies are eyeing at. The future will be governed by wearable devices whose capabilities and horizons will be extended with time. However, the innovations and advancements will only make sense if they manage to address real-life problems and meet the users’ expectations, which are vulnerable to change.

App scientists will surely look to make products that add value to users’ lives and are desirable in the first place. Being an app solution provider, it is probably time to invest in wearable app development now and let the time bring long term benefits to you.